Winthrop Street Cemetery, The oldest cemetery in Provincetown, Massachusetts, is located near the site of the town's first meeting house.

Research Notes[]

While there is no record that establishes the exact location of Provincetown's first meeting house, tradition has the location off Winthrop Street on what became known as Meeting House Plain. The first meeting house was built with a £150 grant from the general court in 1717-'18. James Gifford confirms the location of the meeting house and cemetery in Simeon Deyo's 'History of Barnstable County,' written in 1890. 'It was the presence of the meeting house here, on the south border of the meadow, or the large, level valley, once connected with Shankpainter pond, that gave to this tract the name of Meeting House Plain, which is still applied to it. The proximity of the old burying ground on the northeast side of the plain, corresponding with the prevailing practice of early days of locating the burial place, near the church, goes to confirm the tradition. The Winthrop Street Cemetery, sometimes called (CEMETERY NUMBER ONE), encompasses about three acres, and lies north of Bradford Street between Court and Winthrop Streets.

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