William Singleton was born 1752 in Cheshire, England, United Kingdom and died 25 May 1835 in Singleton, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. He married Hannah Parkinson (1758-1813) 1 February 1778 at Cathedral in Manchester, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom.

William Singleton - convict on the Pitt in 1792

William Singleton was charged with on 30 May 1791 "felioniously stealing" 27 yards (25m) of linen from a warehouse, the property of Matthew, Pickford & Thomas Pickford. William had been working as a warehouse porter in London. William was found guilty and sentenced to seven years transportation.

William arrived in Sydney, New South Wales on the Pitt on 14 February 1792. Coming free on the same boat was his wife Hannah and two youngest sons, Benjamin and Joseph. Six more children were born to William and Hannah in the period from 1793 to 1806.

William received an absolute pardon on 23 April 1795.

In 1797 the family settled on a 90 acre (36 ha) grant at Mulgrave Place (near Windsor), where their eldest son, James, then aged 30, joined them in 1809.

His sons James and Benjamin built water-mills at Kurrajong, Lower Portland Head, and on James 50 acre (20ha) grant at the Hawsbury. At their water-mills they ground wheat for the government stores. His son Benjamin also built a water-mill on his 200 acre (81ha) grant at Patrick's Plains, and another water-mill together with William's other son Joseph at Boatfalls.

William's son Benjamin became an explorer and founded the township of Singleton on his 200 acre (81ha) at Paterson's Plains.

In 1813 William's wife Hannah died at Wilberforce.

In 1835 William died at Singleton.


Offspring of William Singleton and Hannah Parkinson (1758-1813)
Name Birth Death Joined with
James Singleton (c1777-1849) 1777 Manchester, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom 18 March 1849 Layburys Creek, New South Wales, Australia Mary Ann Rose (1780-1838)

William Singleton (1780-bef1792) 1780 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Singleton (1782-bef1792) 1782 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Sarah Ann Singleton (1786-bef1792) 1786 London, Middlesex, England
Benjamin Singleton (1788-1853) 1788 London, England, United Kingdom 2 May 1853 Singleton, New South Wales, Australia Mary Lane Sharling (1796-1877)

Joseph Singleton (1790-1841) 1790 London, England, United Kingdom 25 November 1841 Singleton, New South Wales, Australia Agnes Knell (1815-1863)

Ann Maria Singleton (1793-1862) 25 October 1793 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 31 December 1862 Wollombi, New South Wales, Australia William Clark (c1770-1848)

Sarah Maria Singleton (1795-1828) 26 December 1795 Windsor, New South Wales, Australia 6 February 1828 Wilberforce, New South Wales, Australia Thomas Sibrey (c1770-1818)
Edward Reynolds (1794-1832)

Susannah Singleton (1798-1835) 26 April 1798 Mulgrave Place, New South Wales, Australia 25 September 1835 Wilberforce, New South Wales, Australia Joseph Hibbert (1789-1871)

Hannah Singleton (1802-1869) 16 March 1802 Freemans Reach, New South Wales, Australia 14 October 1869 Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia James Zadock Bellamy (1798-1875)

William Singleton (1805-1883) 11 April 1805 Mulgrave Place, New South Wales, Australia 31 August 1883 Manilla, New South Wales, Australia Matilda Thomas (1829-1906)

Elizabeth Singleton (c1806-c1859) 1806 Windsor, New South Wales, Australia 1859 New South Wales, Australia

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