William Meyrick was born circa 1546 in Llanlleschydd St. David's, Pembrokeshire, Wales to John ap Meyrick (c1513-1538) and Sage verch Griffith (1521-1554) and died 1593 St. David, Pembrokeshire, Wales of unspecified causes. He married Janet Verch Ienen (1550-1589) 1562 JL in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

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William Myrick was born in 1546 in Llanleschild, Wales and married Janet Verch Ienen (1550-1589) (FERCH IEUAN ). He had four children. His other spouses were Maude Powell and Joan Young, daughter of William , they had 3 children ,Owen, minister at llangylle , Robert and Janet.

Admittedly, this individual is the weak link in the ancestry chain for per multiple sources, John Meyrick the Immigrant is a descendant of Meyrick ap Llewellyn (c1480-1538), thru his son, John ap Meyrick (c1513-1538). At about the time of the early 1500's, the English crown passed a law that all children will retain the their father's surname as their own surname to add continuity to the family line.


Offspring of William Meyrick and Janet Verch Ienen (1550-1589)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Richard Meyrick (1563-)
John Meyrick (1579-1650) 1 January 1579 St. David, Pembrokeshire, Wales 26 June 1650 Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Dorothy Bishop (1570-1650)

Offspring of William Meyrick and Maud Powell (c1555-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Owen Meyrick (1591-)
Robert Meyrick (1593-)
Janet Meyrick (1595-)



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This person is a member of the Meyrick Family of Bodorgan Manor which has been prominent family of Royal Welsh blood since the 6th Century. The family resided at Bodorgan Manor in Bodorgan, Isle of Anglesey, Wales and a lineal descendants of both the soverign Prince of Wales of the Welsh Royal family and from King Edward I, eldest son, the first Prince of Wales of the English Royal family.


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