William is the son of William Marks (Abt 1803-1861) and Ann Lamb (1816-1894).


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William has the same mother as:


William was born at Markdale. He worked on this property later in his life as a farmer.

Ann Lamb (1816-1894) Add 1863-5-23

Goulburn Herald On 23 May 1863

On 23 May 1863 Ann ran an add in the local newspaper.
23 May 1863, Goulburn, Argyle County, New South Wales. MARKDALE FOREST RACES
To come off 25th and 26th May, 1863.
First day.
First Race, MAIDEN PLACE of £10 (the pounds), for all horses that never won any advertised prize; heats, once round the course; entrance, £1 (one pound), qualifications 10s.
Second Race. £5 (five pounds), for all ponies, not over 14 hands high that never won over the said prize; entrance 10s; qualification 10s.
Third Race. Ladies Side Saddle, for all horses; hosts, once round the course; entrance to the amount.
First Race. £10 (ten pounds), for all horses, the winner of the Maiden Plate excepted; three times round the course, one event; entrance £1 (one pound); qualification 10s.
Second Race. £5 (five pounds), for all horses; heats, once round the course; entrance, 10s; qualification 10s.
Other races will be appointed on the ground.
In all races three entrances or no race.
All decisions of the stewards to be final.
All horses, weight for age.
Parties enterind horses for ten pound prizes must subscribe not less than 15s; and other race 10s.
Judges and Stewards to be apponited on the ground.
Horse and Jockey,

He owned Black Spring in 1872 near Binda. Later he owned Markdale in 1877 in Bigga. He sold 600 acres of the property retaining 40 acres for his mother Ann.

He moved with his family from New South Wales to Queensland in 1878. With his wife and 7 children he left by bullock wagon with a number of horses and cattle, staying a while on 2 different land options with a view to making a permanent settlement. Deciding to move on to Queensland he initially resided in Dalby for a period before moving to Charleville where he resided until his death.

He acquired a good deal of property in the town of Charleville. He built a hotel in 1888 and several shops in the main street which were all destroyed by fire and which were not rebuilt. He turned his interests to saw milling. The family was well known and respected. Always he took a great interest in the town and its progress.






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