WilliamFitzAlbold of Ellenhall was born 9999 in England to Albold (-aft1086) . He married Celestra de Limesay (c1101-) .

The Peerage of England; Containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of All the Peers of that Kingdom Etc. Fourth Edition, Carefully Corrected, and Continued to the Present Time. - London, H. Woodfall 1768 by Arthur Collins

"it is evident from the foundation of the priory of Raunton, in Staffordshire, that Noel, the ancestor of this family, with his wife Celestria, came into England with William the Conquerer, A.D. 1066 and for his services got the manors of Ellenhall, Wiverstone, Podmore, Milnese, and other lands. He had three sons, Robert, William, and Uchtred."

 The above reference appears to be family legend.

The History and Antiquities of Suffolk: Thingoe Hundred by John Gage, John Gage Rokewode

"Anselm, who governed St. Edmund's from the year 1119 to 1148, gave to William, son of Albold, and Robert his son and heir, in fee farm, as a compensation for some claims, and by way of exchange for the churches of Barton and Culford, the land in Hawsted of Geoffrey, sacrist of the monestery, which had belonged to Leveva, late wife of Odo the goldsmith, reserving a rent of forty shillings to the altar of St. Edmund's."

William fitz Albold is a witness to the transaction in the twelth year of Henry I. between Geoffrey the treasurer of the monestery, and Aedric Latimer, touching the lands in Fornham and Herlaw pledged by the latter; and he is also witness to a charter from Albold, elected Abbot of the monastery in the following year, in favour of the widow of Gocelin de Lodne. Abbot Sampson, in 1180, confirmed to Thomas son of Robert Noel, the grant of lands in Halsted made to their ancestors by Abbot Anselm his predeccessor; and by another charter he gave to the same Thomas Noel the whole socage which William fitz Albold and Walter his son, uncle of the said Thomas, held in Halsted, Esfeld and St. Edmundsbury.


Offspring of WilliamFitzAlbold of Ellenhall and Celestra de Limesay (c1101-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Robert Noel (c1120-1151) 1120 England 1151 England Alice de Montfort (c1127-1162)

William Noel
Uchtred Noel


Offspring of Albold and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
William FitzAlbold (c1100-) 9999 England 9999 England Celestra de Limesay (c1101-)


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