From: Jerry Brimberry
Subject: Another DNA match: William Donaldson Walker
Date: May 21, 2007 3:31:46 PM EDT
Text:Mary Ann, the following item suggests that William Donaldson Walker

1847-1929 had a like named son or grandson whose wife Nettie Hicks gave birth to Kenneth Paul Walker in 1935:

1935 Hunt County Births - W-Y-Z

Infant's Name Birthdate Sex Mother Father
Wade, Barbara Lynn 5-31-1935 F Christine Fowler W. F Wade
Waits, Onilla Fay 4-8-1935 F Nora Irene Quattlebaum M. D. Waits
Walker, J. T. Inf Of 9-30-1935 M Julie Regan J. T. Walker
Walker, Joan 7-28-1935 F Annie Hennen Robert T Walker
Walker, Kenneth Paul 9-21-1935 M Nettie Pauline Hicks William Donaldson Walker
Walker, Sue Layne 12-8-1935 F Almeda Lewis Clark S. Walker
While searching online for William Donaldson Walker, I found the

following post from a Ken Walker in 1999:

William Donaldson Walker,1847-1929,TX Looking for any info! Married to Jo Anna Carroll,1863-1936. Lived in Greenville,TX. One son was Samuel William Vestus Walker.

The DNA group is 33. We're the group that caused the hiccups. Mary Ann

Mary Ann wrote: My brother's DNA had another 100% match this past week. We don't know the person so we're asking if anyone doing Walker research in TX has ever come across this family...

William Donaldson Walker 19 Jan 1847 Louisville KY (But one census said AR VA TN) Died 14 Jan 1929 Greenville, Hunt, Texas wife Jo Anna Carroll 1863-1936

son Samuel William Walker (AKA Samuel William Vestus Walker) 16 Apr 1886 Weiland, Hunt, Texas 20/21 Oct 1939 Greenville, Hunt, Texas

His mother also has a Walker line but we're working on the DNA one first.

Mary Ann

From: Ken Walker
Subject: Another Samuel the Orphan DNA connection
Date:July 16, 2007 6:53:44 PM EDT

I finally received the death certificate for William Donaldson Walker, b. Jan. 19, 1847, in Greenup County, Ky. d. June 4, 1929 in Hunt County, Tx. The certificate says that his parents are not known. He was the father of Samuel William Vestus Walker, b.1886 in Tx. Don't know if he was an orphan or just didn't want it known who his parents were. Vestus named his son William Donaldson, and then William chose the name Samuel William for his son. Curious about the choice of Samuel for the first names of these sons. Is it too much of a stretch to try to link this to the orphan Samuel you have been writing about?

Here is more information on Jo Anna Carroll, wife of WDW. She was born April 22, 1863 in Little Rock, Ark. Came to Texas in 1864 with her parents. In 1880 she married WDW and they had nine children. There names were Nannie, Felix, Charlie, Homer, Wylie Bert, Samuel Wm. Vestus, Bert J., Mae, and Anna.

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