William Aston was born 1802 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England to John Ashton and Ann Holt and died 6 June 1881 in Windsor, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes.

William Ashton - convict on the Eliza in 1828

William Ashton arrived as a convict aboard the Eliza on 18 November 1828. He had been convicted in the Nottingham Assizes for 7 years transportation.

William's parents & siblings

William's parents, John Ashton & Ann Holt were married on 18 September 1798 at St Peters, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England.

William had an older brother, and a younger sister:

James Ashton - baptised on 12 October 1800 at St Peters, Nottingham

Matilda Ashton - baptised on 14 Jun 1805, buried 29 May 1808 at St Peters, Nottingham

James may have married Mary Hutchinson on 15 May 1826 at St Mary, Nottingham. This couple, however, are not the parents of a daughter Mary Ann baptised on 21 March 1826 at St Marys, Nottingham. In England at that time parents married before their children were born.

James is not found in the English censuses.

William's marriage

William married Charlotte Hancy in about 1833. No marriage record has been found. It was possibly a Catholic service at St Patricks at Parramatta. Many of the early Catholic baptisms, wedding & burials were not included in the official records, just as Charlotte's father's burial at St Patricks in 1830 had not been included in the records, even though his head-stone exists and his death was reported in the newspaper.

William's faith

William's wife Charlotte was raised Catholic. Charlotte and their children are recorded in the 1841 Census of NSW as Roman Catholic. It is not known if William Ashton was also Catholic as he recorded in the same census as either Roman Catholic or Church of England (Anglican). (Refer to the Familypedia page for his mother-in-law Sarah MacDonald (1768-1859).) Sometime after 1841 William and Charlotte converted to become Wesleyans.

Burial of his wife Charlotte

In 1867 William buried his wife Charlotte Hancy in Parramatta Methodist Cemetery (Wesleyan Cemetery) - established in the 1830s. His son John was buried there, also in 1867. William & Charlotte had also had her mother buried there in 1859. This cemetery was converted to The Walter Lawry Methodist Memorial Park in the 1960s and many of the headstones were removed.


Offspring of William Aston and Charlotte Hancy (1811-1867)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jane Ashton (c1833-1863)
John Ashton (c1835-1867) 1835 Baulkham Hills, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 7 April 1867 Baulkham Hills, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Margaret McGuire (1837-1926)

Ann Ashton (c1837-1926)
Henriette Ashton (1840-1926)
William Ashton (1842-)
Charles Edward Ashton (1844-1905)
Harriet Matilda Ashton (1846-1909)
Alfred Ashton (1849-1899)
Margaret Emmaline Ashton (1855-1901)

Changes of surname by daughters:

  • Ann Ashton married Henry Kentwell in 1861
  • Henriette Ashton married John James in 1860, & as Henrietta Ashton married Thomas J Wyman in 1883
  • Harriet Matilda Ashton married Thomas Edward Schofield in 1866
  • Margaret Emmaline Ashton married Richard Harrowell in 1879


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