William Albini
Sex: Male
Birth: c1140
Death: 24 Dec 1193
Father: William Albini (c1109)
Mother: Adeliza of Louvain
Spouse/Partner: Maud de Saint Hilary
Marriage: 1174 Arundel, Essex, England

For other men of the feudal period with the same name, see William Albini.

Earl William d'Albiny - 2nd Earl of Arundel- was born about 1140, lived in Buckenham, Norfolk, England and died on 24 Dec 1193. William was also Earl of Sussex and was a Crusader. He was the son of William "Strong Hand" d'Albiny and Queen Adelicia of Louvain.

Earl William married Maud de Saint Hilary about 1174 while living in Arundel, Essex, England. Maud was born in 1132, lived in Buckenham, Norfolk, England. She was the daughter of James de Saint Hilary. She died on 24 Dec 1193 in Norfolk, England. Maude is also found as "St Hilliario".[1]

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