Willem IV van Horne (1302-1343), Lord, was born on an unknown date to Gerard I van Horne (1270-1331) and Johanna van Leuven-Gaasbeek (c1287-c1319) and died 1302 of unspecified causes. He married Oda van Putten en Strijen (1295-bef1336) 1315 JL . He married Elisabeth van Kleef-Hülchrath (?-1347) 1336 JL . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), Hugh Capet (c940-996). Ancestors are from France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium.


Willem IV van Horne is born in about 1303, this we know because on 4 May 1305 a marriage agreement is closed between his father and Nicolaas van Putten en Strijen, the father of Oda, his to be wife, about the marriage of Willem and Oda, it states that Willem is 2 years of age at that date (1305).

On 4 May 1305 Gerard Lord of Horn and Altena and Nicolaas Lord of Putten and Strijen made an agreement concerning a marriage between the approximately 2-year-old son Willem van Gerard, and Oda second daughter of Nicolaas. The wedding gift of the bride is 5000 guilders. Once William is 12 years old, Gerard will give him the Lordship Altena cum suis. After the death of Sophia van Heusden, widow of Willem III van Horn, who died in 1301, son Willem will succeed in this widow's credit. If Willem dies before Gerard, his children will stay with Oda Altena and follow Gerard's death in all goods. Any other Gerard children will not be able to inherit lordships. Guarantees for Gerard are Arnold van Loon, Willem Lord of Cranendonk, Daniel lord van Goor, Gozewijn Lord of Born, Robrecht van Goor, Gerlach van den Bossche, knights, Gisbert die Bot, Jan van der Dussen, Jan van Rijswijk.


Willem married twice.


Offspring of Willem IV van Horne and Oda van Putten en Strijen (1295-bef1336)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Johanna van Horne (1320-1356)
Gerard II van Horne (1320-1345)
Oda van Horne (1320-1353)
Aleid van Horne (1320-?)
Elisabeth van Horne (1326-1360)
Agnes van Horne
Marie van Horn

Offspring of Willem IV van Horne and Elisabeth van Kleef-Hülchrath (?-1347)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Willem V van Horne (1335-?)
Dirk Loef van Horne (1338-c1402)
Elisabeth van Horne (c1339-1416) 1406 Hendrik van Diest (c1345-c1385)

Arnold II van Horne (1339)
Beatrix van Horn
Aleide van Horn


  • Lord of Horne
  • Altena and Gaasbeek (obtained in 1335 Gaesbeek from his cousin Beatrix de Louvain)

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Willem passed away in 1343.


  1. ^ Beatrix van Horn was prioress of Auderghem
  2. ^ Aleide van Horn was abbess of Keyserbosch

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