The Raid of Wethersfield in 1637 was one of several indian raids conducted towards the early part of the Pequot War in Connecticut Colony. This raid targeted the English settlement at Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of Endicott's raid, the English of Connecticut Colony had to deal with the anger of the Pequot. The Pequot attempted to get their allies, some 36 tributary villages, to join their cause but were only partly effective. The Western Niantic (Nehantic) joined them but the Eastern Niantic (Nehantic) remained neutral. The traditional enemies of the Pequot, the Mohegan and the Narragansett, openly sided with the English. The Narragansett had warred with and lost territory to the Pequot in 1622. Now their friend Roger Williams (1602-1683) urged the Narragansett to side with the English against the Pequot.

Through the autumn and winter, Fort Saybrook was effectively besieged. People who ventured outside were killed. As spring arrived in 1637, the Pequot stepped up their raids on Connecticut towns. On April 23, Wongunk chief Sequin attacked Wethersfield with Pequot help. They killed six men and three women, a number of cattle and horses, and took two young girls captive. (They were daughters of William Swaine and were later ransomed by Dutch traders.)[1][2][3] In all, the towns lost about thirty settlers.

Noteworthy Participants[edit | edit source]

English Leaders[edit | edit source]

Casualties[edit | edit source]

  • William Swaine Family - two young daughters were taken captive by Indians to be ransomed later by Dutch traders.

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References[edit | edit source]

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