Warenne Delano was born 28 October 1779 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, United States to Ephraim Delano (1733-1815) and Elizabeth Cushman (1739-1809) and died 25 September 1866 Fairhaven, Massachusetts, United States of unspecified causes. He married Deborah Church (1783-1827) 6 November 1808 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States.


Warren Delano I, son of Ephraim and Elizabeth (Cushman) Delano (1739 - 1809), is born in the village of Fairhaven, in a home on the west side of Main Street, south of South Street. At age 19 he goes to sea, eventually becoming the captain of several ships.

War of 1812

1812 - Warren Delano I is captured by the British, who seize his ship Arab.

13 June 1814, on the morning of an attack on Fairhaven's harbor by the British raider Nimrod, Warren Delano I gathers up his three sons, Warren II, Frederick and Franklin, and drives them to the safer Long Plain area of Acushnet where they spend the night.

1815 - Warren Delano I, at the age of 36, "retires" to land after being captured a second time by the British. He becomes active in whaling, banking, insurance and as a merchant in the China Trade.

Delano Homestead

  • 1828 Warren Delano I purchases the house on the south-west corner of Middle and Washington streets.
  • 1829 Warren Delano I acquires "North Wharf," located just north of Washington Street.
  • 1832 The Washington Street Christian Meeting House, at the northwest corner of Washington and Walnut streets is dedicated. Funds to build the church were raised by Warren Delano I, his nephew Jabez Delano Jr., and Joseph Bates. (Bates later becomes one of the three founders of the Seventh Day Adventists.)
  • 1832 Warren Delano I builds what becomes known as the Delano Homestead at 39 Walnut St. The home stays in the Delano family until 1942.

Marriage and Family

08 November 18, Warren Delano I marries Deborah Church (1783-1827) of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. They will eventually have eight children, only one of whom married, Warren II.


Offspring of Warenne Delano I and Deborah Church (1783-1827)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Warenne Delano (1809-1898) 13 July 1809 Fairhaven, Massachusetts, United States 17 January 1898 Algonac, New York, United States Catherine Robbins Lyman (1825-1896)
Frederick Delano (1811-1857)
Franklin Delano (1813-1893)
Louisa Church Delano (1816-1846)
Edward Delano (1818-1881)
Deborah Perry Delano (1820-1846)
Sarah Alvey Delano (1822-1880)
Susan Maria Delano (1825-1841)
(female) Delano (1827-1827)


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