Vseslav Vasilkovich of Polotsk, Prince of Vitebsk, Prince of Polotsk, was born 1120 to Vasilko Svyatoslavich of Polotsk (c1095-1144) and died 1186 of unspecified causes.

Vseslav Vasilkovich (died about 1186) - Prince of Vitebsk (1132-1164, 1175-1178, 1180-1186), Prince of Polotsk (1162-1167, 1167-1175, 1178- after 1180). He was the sonn of Vasilko Svyatoslavich .


He came to power in Polotsk during the struggle between Rogvolod Borisovich Drutsky and Rostislav Glebovich of Minsk in 1162. After a heavy defeat from Volodar Glebovich, Rogvolod did not return to Polotsk, but left for Drutsk , and the residents of Polotsk invited Prince Vseslav to his place.

Married to the daughter of Roman Rostislavich, Prince of Smolensk and Grand Prince of Kiev, he was in league with the Princes of Smolensk, transferring the Principality of Vitebsk to Davyd Rostislavich in 1164 and did not get along with the Minsk Glebovichs of Minsk.

In 1167, Volodar Glebovich of Minsk with the army, in which there were many Lithuanians, opposed Vseslav, defeated him in battle and occupied the throne of the Principality of Polotsk, concluded the conditions with the Polotsk veche and consolidated them with the kiss of the cross. Vseslav fled to Vitebsk, and Volodar went after him, but after learning that the Prince of Smolensk Roman Rostislavich was coming to the aid of the Vitebsk citizens, he returned to his lands. Vseslav retook the throne of Polotsk

In 1179 Mstislav Rostislavich the Brave, a prince in Novgorod, planned a march to Polotsk, but his older brother Roman Rostislavich warned him against such a step and sent an army from Smolensk led by his son Mstislav to help Vseslav. The aggravation of relations between Polotsk and Smolensk was also expressed by the fact that Davyd Rostislavich was expelled from Vitebsk, and his brother was taken prisoner by Vseslav's brother [[Bryachislav Vasilkovich[[, mentioned by the chronicle already in 1180 in connection with the joint campaign with the Olgovichi under Drutsk against [[Davyd[[. In this campaign Vseslav is mentioned in the annals for the last time.

Family and children

His wife is the daughter of Roman Rostislavich of Smolensk and Kiev .



Offspring of Vseslav Vasilkovich of Polotsk and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vladimir Vseslavich
Davyd Vseslavich
unknown daughter of Vseslav Vasilkovich (c1157-c1200)



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