Vladimir Dmitriyevich of Pronsk, Prince of Pronsk
Grand Prince of Ryazan, was born 1341 to Yaroslav (Dmitri) Aleksandrovich of Ryazan (c1315-1344) .

Vladimir Dmitrievich (Yaroslavich) (c1340-1372) - Prince of Pronsk (1343-1371), Grand Prince of Ryazan (1371-1372).

Figures also with the patronymic Yaroslavich because of the double name of his father, Yaroslav Dmitri.

In 1365 he took part in the Battle of the Shishev Forest. During the winter of 1370/1371's, he participated with Oleg Ivanovich of Ryazan in the gathering of troops for Vladimir Andreyevich of Serpukhov in Przemysl to help Algirdas who was besieging Moscow. After the defeat of Oleg Ivanovich of Ryazan by the army of the Grand Principality of Moscow in the Battle of Skornishchevo, he took over the reign of Grand Prince of Ryazan, but was soon expelled by Oleg .


Father : Yaroslav (Dmitri) Aleksandrovich of Ryazan (c1315-1344)|Yaroslav (Dmitri) Aleksandrovich]] - Prince of Pronsk (1340-1342) and Grand Prince of Ryazan (1342-1344).

Brother : Yuri Yaroslavich - Prince of Murom (1345-1354).

Wife : Sister of Oleg Ivanovich of Ryazan.

Children :


Offspring of Vladimir Dmitriyevich of Pronsk and Sister of Oleg Ivanovich of Ryazan
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ivan Vladimirovich (c1365-c1430)
Fyodor Vladimirovich (c1370-c1380)



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