Vital statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Sex : Female
  • Born: 28 June 1929 at Sydney
  • Married: Dermot Thomas Hennessy, 14 October 1950, in the District Registrar's Office at Auburn, N.S.W.

Parents[edit | edit source]

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Spouse[edit | edit source]

Offspring[edit | edit source]

5 (1 adopted out), 3 living.

Notes[edit | edit source]

On birth certificate: Valerie was born at Charlemount Private Hospital, Darlinghurst Road, Sydney. Her father, Charles was 36, a labourer, born at Orange. Her mother was Grace Elizabeth Whiteley nee Kable (see: Mary Elizabeth Kable (1904)-(1994?) ), 24 and born at Granville, Sydney, NSW. Her parents marriage was listed as 27th March, 1926 at Parramatta, NSW. The informant was C.H. Whiteley, Father, Old South Head Road, Bondi, Sydney and the registration was on 11th July 1929 at Sydney.

On marriage certificate: For Dermot - occupation was compositor, he lived at 15 Wallace Street, Granville, bachelor, born at Paddington, 22 years when married. His father was listed at Thomas Eugene Hennessy (deceased) labourer and mother was Ivy Violet Raffy (see Ivy Violet Roffey (1885-1972)). For Val - occupation was Clerk, lived at 156 Excelsior Street, Granville, spinster, born at Sydney, 21 years when married. Her father was Charles Henry Whiteley, labourer, and her mother was Grace Elizabeth Kable (see: Mary Elizabeth Kable (1904)-(1994?)). The celebrant at their wedding was A.V. Atkinson, rites according to the Marriage Act 1899-1948 and witnesses were Pat Weston and W.J. Weston (I know these two as Derms sister and her husband). Registered at Auburn, N.S.W. on 14th October 1950.

On death certificate: Valerie was 39 years old when she died. She died at home, 112 Roundtree Street, Balmain. Her father Was Charles Whiteley, Labourer, and her mother was Grace Kable. (see: Mary Elizabeth Kable (1904)-(1994?)). She was married at Auburn at 21 years to Dermot Thomas Hennessy and her children were 17, 12, 11 and 8, all living. Her husband was the informant. Her cause of death was a) Coronary occlusion and b) Thrombosis. Inquest dispensed with at Sydney on 11th October 1968. Her death was certified by J.J. Loomes, City Coromer. she was cremated at Northern Suburbs Crematorium on 17th September 1968, by John W. Rennie, Superintendent. There was no service and the witness was E.W. Warburton. The registration was on 1st October, 1968.

Family Oral History[edit | edit source]

Known jobs Valerie held: Delivering telegrams by bicycle at 15, typist, cook in Ettalong Memorial Club, cleaner, barmaid at Sir William Wallace Hotel in Birchgrove.

Known places of residence: Old South Head Road, Bondi (birth certificate), Coogee (oral family history), 156 Excelsior Street Granville (marriage certificate), Memorial Ave Ettalong, Victoria Road Woy Woy, Rountree Street Birchgrove. (all oral family history).

Sources[edit | edit source]

  1. NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages: 26930 1657 (Birth), 25990 458 (Marriage) & 5550 (Death)

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