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Origin: Finland
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The byname, then surname Uski has been present particularly in various regions of Karelia in Finland.

One of districts where the surname is present, is the medievally-originated district of Vehkalahti, which tribally was one of easternmost places in Nylandia, representing Tavastian dialects. It is thought (although not possible to ascertain) that first families known as Uski came from nearby southern Karelia to north parts of Vehkalahti, where the name is present of old in the region of Pyhältö. In Pyhältö, there have -for centuries- existed the clans of vähä-Uski and suur-Uski (lesser Uski and greater Uski, respectively). Both those clans have given their name to a large estate.

The suur-Uski estate comprised lands particularly in southern part of Pyhältö region. Earliest records of Uski of suur-Uski are from 1500s. The historical seat of suur-Uski estate was, since 1630s or 1640s, in bank of the Uski lake. It is believed that several branches of the clan held portions of their common estate already in 1600s.

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