I created my Spirit Animal as my roleplaying character. After years of studying roleplaying it seemed honorable to do so at long last. In my DISCORD is the precedence.
Sebastian the Snake Warrior

This is the original masterpiece that I had put in the trash for all the fallen Malayan Pit Vipers. When I joined a Dungeon & Dragons Adventurer's League I showcased this image on my flip-phone notationing it to be me. They gave me a hooded cloak, steel platemail and steel gauntlets. . . . And some javelins. I left the Adventurer's League so as to not certify a death in the face of the spellcasters. I hastily joined this group, and they made me a level 10 Champion by doing so, had I waited till their saga was over I could of really played from level 1. But I survived without a scratch (although I did get sand in my eyes, had to retrace my steps and slither for cover there).

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