Samiulhafiz Samiulhafiz 16 May

Samiul Hafiz

Samiul Hafiz (Born 17-10-2000) is an Artist, Graphic Designer, Content Creator, And Video Editor who has been in the Graphic Designing industry since 2017. Samiul Hafiz is a Dhaka-based Artist, Graphic Designer, Content Creator, And Video Editor. The founder of Samiul Hafiz Studio has started Graphic Designing and Video Editing at the young age of 18; he learned various Graphic Design, Music-related strategies, tactics and became a successful Graphic Designer And Music Producer. Career -------- He is also an artist, has published several kinds of music on every music platform. Apart from business, he creates videos, writes blog posts, records podcasts about digital marketing and Blogging use Facebook page, Instagram to teach many valuable …

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