I've contacted FANDOM after noticing that automatic welcomes were being "signed" by an admin who has not edited in the past 6 weeks, whereas it is meant to use the name of the most-recently-editing admin. I also mentioned that numerous new contributors don't get the automatic welcome at all.
Staffer George replied, saying that the welcome tool may have stuck, and asking for details. This was my response, emailed a few minutes ago:

Thanks for the reply, George.

I've looked at

Not many new contributors among the new registrations, but the two most recent contributors who got the automatic welcome each had AMK152 as the signatory although his last recorded edit was Sept 9. Every day with very few exceptions one of the other admins has been editing - so it does seem to have stuck.

Of more concern in that log is the number of new contributors whose talk and user pages are still red links. Nine of the eleven new contributors in the past 3 months have not benefited from the welcome tool. Apart from the two who got AMK152, contributors who have a blue talk page link have it only because one of us created the page manually after noticing contributions. I hope you can make the tool work more often. That's of more value than getting the most recdent admin as the signatory.