Our usual page view tally is between 6,000 and 10,000, from what I vaguely recall of skimming the list I get each day. I wonder what gave us a sudden boost to 12,374 yesterday and 11,238 today. I suspect that it was nothing to do with the frequent recent winner, Eduard Einstein (1910-1965), who was in 8th place with only 340 views on the list I brought up a few minutes ago.

Top of today's list was Brahmin gotra system, with 1,952 views, but why would it be suddenly so much more popular than any other page? List of gotras was 2nd with 876.

The home page was 3rd with 761; maybe boosted by people interested in the Mayflower who had read my response to a Dick Eastman blog post about the Pilgrims. But they would surely have gone on to find a related page - and the highest relevant-looking page was Immigrant Ships To America/First Families/Winthrop Fleet in 15th place with only 153 views. Plymouth Colony had 77, Winthrop Fleet Passenger List had 54, Colonial American Gateway Ancestors 33, John Lathrop List of Famous Descendants 32, Edward Putnam (1654-1747) 24, List of Mayflower passengers 23, and Immigrant Ships To America/First Families/Mayflower also 23.

No, I think we have the Indians to thank. Top two on the list, noted above; then List of Viswabrahmin gotras is 7th with 342 views, List of Dhangar clans in India 9th with 323, Kashyap (a Hindu sage) 11th with 187, Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938)/Biography 13th with 161, Kaushik 16th with 148.....

Maybe one of our Indian or Pakistani readers can explain what might have caused a 30% rise in viewership in the last day or two.