Here is a headstart on a fascinating genealogy post out of England today. Check out their cool graphic for the future Princess of England: Rachel Meghan Markle (1981).

  • meet Meghan Markle's ancestors - Pioneering black professionals, Civil War soldiers, and immigrants from Prince Harry's England - meet Meghan Markle's ancestors as DailyMailTV reveals her extraordinary roots.
  • DailyMailTV reveals Meghan Markle's American family tree - stretching back to before the Revolutionary War and into the pre-Civil War South
  • Among her ancestors are a father and son who both fought for the Union in the Civil War, with the younger man's unit present as Confederate commander Robert Edward Lee (1807-1870) surrendered, ending the war
  • One document found by DailymailTV suggests one of her African-American ancestors may have signed up for the Union cause in Alabama in 1864, and he was likely a freed slave
  • Markle's Africa-American ancestors include a great-great-aunt who was a teacher in 1930s Tennessee, with her and her sister overcoming Jim Crow laws to gain college educations
  • Many of her father's ancestors were 19th century immigrants from England who sought a better life in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania
  • One was from Essex and another appears to have been born in the then colony of Malta to an Irish mother and English father
  • Her ancestors include a wealthy farmer who left a substantial estate and an unemployed gas station worker
  • An engagement between the Prince, 33, and Suits actress Markle, 36, is believed to be imminent
  • The Daily Mail revealed that she and her boyfriend met his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, for tea at Buckingham Palace
  • DailyMailTV is broadcast every weekday coast to coast. Go to to check your local listings

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