The world has radically changed due to unprecedented advancement of information technology. There is no denying that human life has become so easier thanks to global digitalization.

People can communicate in every corner of the globe within seconds via internet. Social media such as Facebook, twitter have become daily companion. Youths cannot think a day without internet. Regrettably, they read books less. The spend most of their time on internet. Such trend is surely harmful for future generation.

Drug abuse is now a dangerous social problem in Bangladesh. Youths are getting addicted to drugs posing a devastating effect. In such a situation in the society, Harun Ar Rashid, a book-loving man, is on a mission to enlighten people by distributing books. He has been doing this noble work for over one decade. He gives away books to people from village to village.

Hailing from Gobaria village under Kuliarchar upazila of Kishoreganj district, book-loving Harun Ar Rashid continues his mission to put books in the hands of youths. He has also contributed to setting up libraries in rural areas by providing books.

Harun Ar Rashid, a banker by profession, is a writer himself. A thriller book authored by him was launched at the Ekushey Book Fair last year. The book has widely praised in the readers’ community. The book ‘Escaponer Tekka’ published during the Corona period also gained wide readership.

In addition to his job, his future plans for online advancement with books are also a bit fancy. He is trying to create a district-based online reader forum by creating online readers. He dreamed that one day the youth of this time might save tiffin money and set up a district-based library and spend their days with books. The 37 years old book lover is moving forward with the goal of spreading the fragrance of books by setting up an open library in each district. Some of his books are in the pipeline to be published.

Harun Ar Rashid Rashid said, “I want to spend the rest of my life in distributing books among people. My mission is to bring back young generation to books.”

Bangladeshi Social Activist Harun Ar Rashid