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Robert Levingston
Robert Levingston
Mary Cosgrove
Robert Ernest Levingston
Richard Martin Case
Mary Jane Case
Jane McDevit
Robert Percival Levingston
Edward Steep
Henry Steep
Mary Ann Scott Henry
Barbara Ann Steep
John Christian Schrader
Mina Schrader
Dora Maria Myers
William Cook
Joseph Cook
Ann Kearns
Edward Cook
Thomas Howson Wood
Elizabeth Wood
Jane Purcell
Mabel Louisa Cook
John McGuire
Patrick McGuire
Catherine Donough
Aze Marjorie McGuire
John Perry
Ann Nina Perry
Margaret Edith Flanagan
James Page
James Page
Mary Ann Godfrey
Charles Page
Thomas de la Force
(1785-Dec 1868)
Susanna de la Force
Rebecca White
Cyril Moulton Page
?James Hadden?
Mary Johanna Hadden Cox
James Ainslie
Mary Stewart Ainslie
Mary Steven
Thomas Moore
George Henry Moore
Catherine Moore
Frank Moore
(ca 1854-1925)
William Kermode
Anne Kermode
Anne Quayle Moore
Edith Elizabeth Moore
John Corben
Andrew Corben
Elizabeth Chinchen
Elizabeth Corben
John Stickland (1780-?)
Mary Stickland
Martha Manwell (c1781-1848)

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