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John Lee Ashworth  your father



Marguerite Wright Ashworth (Hill)  his mother



Frances "Fannie" Marie Balch (Hill)  her mother



John Henry Balch  her father


Joseph Balch  his father



Mercy Balch (Atwood)  his mother



Ebenezer Atwood  her father



Lt. Nathaniel Atwood  his father



Deacon Nathaniel Atwood  his father


Capt. John Atwood  his father



John "the Leather Seller" Wood  his father



Nicholas Wood (Atwood)  his father



Margaret Atwood (Greenville)  his mother


Isabella Grenville (Gilbert)  her mother



Elizabeth Gilbert (Hill)  her mother



Robert Hill of Shilston, Sheriff of Devonshire  her father



Judge Robert Hull  his father


Sir John Hill, Lord of Spaxton, Judge of the King's Bench  his father


Sir Richard Hill  his father



William de Hill, Earl of Bridgnorth 

his father   Richard de la Hulle   his father  Robert Curthrose, Duke of Normandy   his father  William the Conqueror, King of England 1066 - 1087

It turns out that my joking about being 438th in line for the throne of England wasn't that far off!  LOL


Sorry not to have written but my laptop has become unusable since just after Thanksgiving. I'm using my boyfriend's father's computer for the next 3 weeks and then I don't know when I'll be back. I've been working on and found over 10,000 people added by other users (didn't know they could do that but boy am I happy!). All of my research on the Ashworth branch is on my laptop (bummer) and I've copied documents into Not sure if you can access my tree and it's related parts.

I heard from a cousin in Westbrookville and she told me that James Edward is actually James Ellery and even though Woodlands Cemetery gravestones have his wife as Frances Ellen, she's actually an Ellen Elizabeth.

Luella is her Aunt and she hasn't seen the family Bible since she was little. This is an excerpt from her message to me.

As to the 'Bible"--- I saw it once and copied some of the information but I was young and didn't know enough to take pictures. After my Aunt Luella died, one of the twin cousins got the house and when several of us inquired about the Bible, it was never found. Now the house has been sold to non family so I'd say any hope of finding it is gone. 

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