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Marianne Dillow regularly contributes to Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.medieval. She is one of a number of 9th cousins to Barack Obama (1961), sharing ancestors who descended from King Henry II of England. This wiki has benefited from her expertise and meticulous research since late 2008, initially on signed pages recorded as "IP numbers"[1].

Marianne became engaged in genealogy in 1982 on both her father's and her mother's lineages. Her kinship as 9th cousin to President Obama is through her mother's lineage of Daniel, Vivion, Thacker, Conway, Eltonhead, and Sutton grandparents to Henry II, King of England.

Notes and references[]

Feb 22, 2015

Proven Lineage of Martha Eltonhead...

Martha Eltonhead is in the Order of Charlemagne.


Peppin I of Italy

Bernhard I, King of Italy


Herbert I De Vermandois

Herbert II of Vermandois

Adalbert I Vermandois

Herbert III of Vermandois

Otto of Vermandois

Herbert IV of Vermandois

Adélaïde de Vermandois and Hugh Magnus

Elizabeth de Vermandois and William de Warenne

William de Warenne and Ela de Ponthieu

Isabel de Warenne and Hameline Plantagenet , son of Geoffrey V Plantagenet

Ela de Warenne and William FitzWilliam

Ellen FitzWiilliam and Sir John Longvilliers

John Longvilliers .. 1212-1254

Margaret de Longvilliers and Geoffrey de Neville

Robert de Neville and isabel de Byron

Sir Robert de Neville and Joan de Atherton

Sir Robert de Neville and Margaret de la Pole

Margaret Neville and Sir William Harrington

Agnes Harrington and Sir Richard Radcliffe

Isabella Radcliffe and Sir James Harrington

Anne Harrington and Sir William Stanley... 1473-1546

Peter Stanley and 2nd wife Ciceley Tarleton

Anne Stanley and Edward Sutton

Anne Sutton and Richard Eltonhead

Martha Eltonhead and Edwin Conway, Sr.

Feb 13, 2015:

A line to Henry III, King of England of England is also proven as well as Edward I, King Of England by Douglas Richardson who has written , "Plantagenet Ancestry" and a set of volumes entitled , "Royal Ancestry."

  • Henry III of England m. Eleanor de Providence
  • Edmund Crouchback m. Blanche d 'Artois
  • Henry Plantagenet of Leicester m. Maude de Chaworth
  • Eleanor of Castile m. Richard Arundel/FitzAlan 10th Earl of Arundel
  • Richard Arundel /FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel m. Elizabeth Bohun
  • Elizabeth Arundel/FitzAlan m. Sir Robert Goushill
  • Joan Goushill m. Sir Thomas Stanley
  • Catherine Stanley m.Sir John Savage, died 1495
  • Dulcia (Alice) Savage m. Sir Henry Bold
  • Maud Bold m. Thomas Gerrard
  • Jennett Gerrard m. Richard Eltonhead
  • William Eltonhead m. Anne Bowers
  • Richard Eltonhead m. Anne Sutton
  • Martha Eltonhead m. Edwin Conway, Sr .. came to Virginia.

Edward I, King of England. d. 1307 =Eleanor of Castile

  • Elizabeth Plantagenet=Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford and Essex
  • William de Bohun, 1st Earl of Northampton=Elizabeth Badlesmere
  • Elizabeth Bohun =Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel
  • Elizabeth FitzAlan = Sir Robert Goushill
  • Joan Goushill = Thomas Stanley, 1st Baron Stanley
  • Catherine Stanley =Sir John Savage, died 1495
  • Dulcia/Dulce ( Alice) Savage = Sir Henry Bold
  • Maud Bold= Thomas Gerard
  • Jennet Gerard=Richard Eltonhead
  • William Eltonhead = Ann Bowers
  • Richard Eltonhead= Anne Sutton
  • Martha Eltonhead= Edwin Conway.. to Virginia