aka Dréw aka Highrule aka #1 BxmbleBeaa stan

  • I live in France; with Brookelyn in my arms
  • My occupation is Art
  • I am Female she/him
  • Bio Pfp by bigskycastle
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Welcome to Hyrule Edit

Hello! My name is Dréw, I am 18 year's old and I live in France. I am an avid Nintendo fan. I mainly play Splatoon 2 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I am also an artist! I do art commissions, my art Twitter is Hyrulera.

Why I joined Edit

I joined because of my homophobic dad. This may sound stupid, but after coming out to him I was grounded. I have been searching for websites I can use to contact people ever since. Unfortunately, he found out and I can no longer access the animal crossing wiki. I am not really interested in family history to be quite honest with you. I just wanted to edit my profile to make look all ~fancy.~

New Horizons Edit

If you are interested in buying Canberra or Raymond, let me know.

Splatoon Edit

Welcome to my Splatoon section! I am currently hyperfixacted on Splatoon.
S2 Mem Cake Inkling Girl (Orange)
 I play as Inkling, although I have completed octoexpasion. To be honest, I skipped through all the levels just to play as octoling. How funny, I don't even play as one now. 
  • CB: B+
  • RM: A
  • SZ: A
  • TC: A-

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