Trojden I Piast of Masovia, Duke of Masovia, Duke of Czersk, was born circa 1285 to Boleslaus II of Masovia (c1251-1313) and Sophia of Lithuania and died 13 March 1341 of unspecified causes. He married Maria Yuryevna of Halych (c1292-1341) 1310 JL . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899). Ancestors are from Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Byzantine Empire, Sweden, Belarus, Italy.


Offspring of Trojden I of Masovia and Maria Yuryevna of Halych (c1292-1341)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Euphemia of Masovia (1310-c1374) 1310 1373 Casimir I of Cieszyn (c1285-1358)

Boleslaw-Yuri II of Halych (1308-1340) 1308 7 April 1341 Eufemija of Lithuania (1316-1342)

Siemowit III of Masovia (c1320-1381) 1320 16 June 1381 Euphemia of Troppau (c1320-1352)
Anna of Ziębice

Casimir of Warsaw (c1325-1355) 1325 25 November 1355


Common ancestors of Trojden I of Masovia (c1285-1341) and Maria Yuryevna of Halych (c1292-1341)

  1. Agafia of Rus (c1192-c1248)
  2. Agnes of Poland (1137-c1182)
  3. Anna Mstislavna of Novgorod (c1205-c1250)
  4. Bolesław III Wrymouth of Poland (1086-1138)
  5. Casimir II the Just of Poland (1138-1194)
  6. Conrad II of Znojmo (c1094-aft1161)
  7. Daniil Romanovich of Halych (1201-1264)
  8. Eufrosinya Yaroslavna of Halych (c1155-c1202)
  9. Helena of Znojmo (1145-c1204)
  10. Iaroslava Ryurikovna (c1174-c1221)
  11. Igor Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (1151-1202)
  12. Konrad of Poland (c1188-1247)
  13. Maria of Cumania (c1185-c1260)
  14. Mstislav II Izyaslavich of Kiev (c1125-1170)
  15. Roman Mstislavich of Halych (c1152-1205)
  16. Salomea von Berg-Schelklingen (c1099-1144)
  17. Svyatoslav III Igorevich of Volhynia (1176-1211)

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