The following tree demonstrates the known ancestors of Tostig Godwineson. Numbers beside the three indicate royal lines continued on separate pages, as described below the tree.

Ancestor Tree[]

Royal Lineages[]

  1. Æþelræd of Wessex was a King of Wessex.
  2. Wulfrida was a Queen of Wessex. Her parentage is unknown.
  3. Wiglaf of Mercia was a King of Mercia.
  4. Cynethryth of Mercia was a Queen of Mercia.
  5. Ceolwulf of Mercia was a King of Mercia.



  1. ^ Gytha was, supposedly, the granddaughter of the disinherited Swedish prince Styrbjörn Starke, the conqueror of Jomsborg, and Tyra, the daughter of Harold Bluetooth king of Norway and Denmark. However, this descent from the old Swedish and Danish royal houses is believed to be a later invention to give her and her numerous sons some claim to royal blood. Gytha was certainly the daughter of Torkel or Thorkil, but her father's connections to Scandinavian royalty should be considered not proven. Gytha's likelihood of royal Danish (or Swedish) descent has been discussed on the Usenet group soc.genealogy.medieval.