Capt Thomas Hale III was born 18 November 1633 in Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire, England to Thomas Hale, Jr. (1606-1682) and Thomasine Dowsett (?-1682) and died 22 October 1688 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Mary Hutchinson (1630-1715) 26 May 1657 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Thomas Hale III was born on November 18, 1633 in Watton At Stone, Hertfordshire, England to Thomas Hale, Jr. and Thomasine Dowsett. He came to Newbury, Massachusetts with his parents in 1635. He was selectman in 1665, 1675, and 1678. He was a fence viewer, tything-man, highway surveyor, way-warden, and he served on many town commettiees

Immigrated with parents on the ship "Hector" arriving 10 May 1637 in Newbury, Massachusetts Bay Colony.

He purchased his father's land on Newbury Neck in 1660. He opposed his father (who lived with him at the time) during the religous controversy of 1665-1670, siding with with Edward Woodman against Thomas Parker, for which he was found guilty of "scandalous conduct" and fined in 1671. He sold half of his property and willed the other half to his son, Thomas III, who was a man of immense size, weighing over 500 pounds, and was casptain of the militia and justice of the peace. ["Ould Newbury", p. 88.]


Offspring of Capt Thomas Hale III and Mary Hutchinson (1630-1715)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Infant Son Hale (1657-1657)
Thomas Hale (1659-1730) 11 February 1659 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 11 April 1730 Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts Sarah Northend (1661-1732)
Mary Hale (1660-1718) 15 July 1660 Newbury, United Kingdom 31 July 1718 Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States Edward Putnam (1654-1747)
Abigail Hale (1662-1715)
Hannah Hale (1663-1733) 29 November 1663 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 23 February 1733 Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts William Peabody (1646-1699)
Lydia Hale (1666-1740)
Elizabeth Hale (1668-1730)
Joseph Hale (1670-1761)
Samuel Hale (1674-1745)



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