Thomas Evans (December 9, 1737 - August 7, 1808) was a Virginian member of the Evans family, who married Miss Catherine C. Evans sometime in his life, and became father to her only known child, Margaret, who would later marry into the Hamman family, at the age of fifty in 1788.


Early life[]

Thomas was born to unknown parents in Fairfax, Virginia, on December the ninth in the year of our Lord, 1737.


In October 1760, at the young age of twenty-two, Thomas married a woman named Catherine, also of Fairfax.

Later life[]

Thomas became a father at the age of fifty, when his wife gave birth to a daughter, Margaret, in 1788.


Thomas died on August seventh, 1808, at the age of seventy, which was somewhat surprisingly old for the time period.


  • Thomas would have lived in Virginia during the heart of the American Revolutionary War, although any role he may have played in the war is unknown.