Thomas Cotton, 2nd Baronet of Combermere was born 1672 in Combermere Abbey, Dodcott cum Wilkesley, Cheshire, England to Robert Cotton, 1st Baronet of Combermere (1635-1712) and Hester Salisbury (c1635-1710) and died 12 June 1715 Dean's Yard, Middlesex, England of unspecified causes. He married Philadelphia Lynch (1675-1758) 1689 in England.


  • RESIDENCE: Llewenny, Denbighshire.
  • DISTICTION: Second Baronet. Inherited following the death of his his elder brother, Hugh, date unknown
  • PROBATE: Will dated 24 May 1715; will proved 11 Jul 1715

Cotton Family Ancestry

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The Cotton Family of Combermere Abbey has an extensive family ancestry that is directly descended from Henry II of England (1133-1189), Charlemagne (747-814) and the ancient Kings of Wessex. There are also many other notable family descendants.

Combermere Abbey

Combermere Abbey

Principle residence was the Combermere Abbey located in Dodcott cum Wilkesley, English County of Cheshire. A former Christian monastery founded in 1130 AD and at one time the third largest church in Cheshire. In August 1539, the abbey and its estates, were granted to Sir George Cotton, an esquire of the body to Henry VIII of England (1491-1547). The Cotton Family kept it as a country home which they held up till 1919.

Marriage and Family

Marital coat of arms for Cotton/Lynch

MARRIED: 1689. Philadelphia Lynch, 5.5.1675 – 30.12.1758, daughter and heiress of Sir Sir Thomas Lynch of Esher, Surrey, Governor of Jamaica, Attorney-General to King Charles I, and Lord Keeper of the Great Seal.

Thomas Lynch, Gov of Jamica married firstly, Vere, daughter of Sir George Herbert, by whom he had a daughter Philadelphia, wife of Sir Thomas Cotton of the Cotton baronets of Combermere. Philadelphia appears to be born while Gov Lynch was on a six year assignment as governor of Jamaica (1670-76).

  1. Thomas Salusbury Cotton (c1691-1710) (Heir apparent)
  2. Henry Cotton (1692-1692) (died young)
  3. Anne Cotton (1693-1693) (died young)
  4. Robert Salusbury Cotton, 3rd Baronet of Combermere (1695-1748) - Heir to Combermere Abbey
  5. Philadelphia Cotton (1698-) md = Thomas Boycott of Hinton, Shropshire
  6. Stephen Salusbury Cotton (1700-1727)
  7. Hugh Calveley Cotton (1701-1702) (died young)
  8. John Salusbury Cotton (1708-1730)
  9. Sophia Cotton (1704-1756) - unmarried
  10. Lynch Salusbury Cotton, 4th Baronet of Combermere (1706-1775) - Heir to Combermere Abbey after his brother
  11. Hester Maria Cotton (1707-1733) md = John Salusbury of Bachecraig, Flint
  12. Sidney Arabella Cotton (1709-1781) - female / unmarried
  13. George Calveley Cotton (1710-1715) (died young)
  14. William Salusbury Cotton (1712-1715) (died young)
  15. Vere Cotton (1713-1730) - female
  16. Henry Salusbury Cotton (1714-1714) (died young)


Offspring of Thomas Cotton, 2nd Baronet of Combermere and Philadelphia Lynch (1675-1758)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Salusbury Cotton (c1691-1710)
Henry Cotton (1692-1692)
Anne Cotton (1693-1693)
Robert Salusbury Cotton (1695-1748) 1695 England 27 August 1748 England Elizabeth Tollemache (1682-1745)
Philadelphia Cotton (1698-)
Stephen Salusbury Cotton (1700-1727)
Hugh Calveley Cotton (1701-1702)
John Salusbury Cotton (1708-1730)
Sophia Cotton (1704-1756)
Lynch Salusbury Cotton, 4th Baronet of Combermere (1706-1775) 1706 England 14 August 1775 England Elizabeth Abigail Cotton (1714-1777)
Hester Maria Cotton (1707-1733)
Signey Arabella Cotton (1709-1781)
George Calveley Cotton (1710-1715)
William Salusbury Cotton (1712-1715)
Vere Cotton (1713-1730)
Henry Salusbury Cotton (1714-1714)




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