Thomas never came to America. He inherited half of his father's farm, the other half going to brother William. He sent a letter to his brother, Matthew, in America who was living near Pittsburgh, from Antrim, Kilbraught parish, Ireland, dated July 26, 1809. In the letter he sends regards to his brothers John, James, Samuel, and Andrew. He also mentions a brother, William, and a sister, Marryan. He also states he has eight children, 5 sons and 3 daughters. Letter of Thomas Borland Kilbraughts July 26th 1809Loving Brother and Sister. This comes with our Love to you to let youknow of our wellfare, thanks to God for his mercies to us hoping these fewlines will find you and family in the same-----No letters from you these several years which we think strange that youmiss opportunities to write to us. Dear Brother write to us and let usknow what family you have and your wife's name for I do not remember thatEver I heard it. The Rev. Joseph Carr told me that you were one of hiscongregation and I was glad you had such a good minister. I have nothingstrange to write you as the bearer James Neeal can tell you more than Ican write. I have eight children all at home - five sons and threedaughters. Your Brothers Hugh Smyley, Hugh Hendry, John Wallace, William Tweedand families is all well and desires to be remembered to you and yourbrother---- William Borland and family is well, your Sister Marryan iswell. Remember us to Brothers Andrew, John, Samuel, James and Families.So no more at present. But remember your Loving Brother Till Death.Thomas Borland Rev Joseph Carr was actually Rev Joseph Kerr who preached at St Clair in Allegheny County from its formation in 1804 until he was appointed to take charge of the United Presbyterian theological seminary in Pittsburgh in 1825. More is mentioned on Rev Kerr in "History of Allegheny County, PA, 1889" vol I page 315. Thomas' will was probated in 1832.

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