Thomas Arden (c1469) Arden
Sex: Male
Birth: ca 1469 Of Wilmcote, Aston Cantlowe,
Warwickshire, England
Death: 1546
Father: Walter De Arden (c1441-1502)
Mother: Eleanor Hampden (c1445-)
Spouse/Partner: Mrs. Thomas Arden (c1473)

Thomas Arden (c1469) Arden

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subst:User:Phlox/new article2 | name=Walter De Arden (1441) | surname=Arden | date= | spouse=[[Eleanor Hampden (c1445)]] | father=[[ Arden ()]] |mother= [[  ()]]|child= Thomas Arden (c1469) }}
subst:User:Phlox/new article2 |f=y| name= Eleanor Hampden (c1445) | surname=Eleanor Hampden (c1445)  | date= | spouse=[[Walter De Arden (1441)]] | father=[[  ()]] |mother=[[  ()]] |child= Thomas Arden (c1469) }} 

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