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  • Possibly Henriette Holzbeger (nee Macke), who was also aboard the George Washington and died on 4 November 1848.

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Theodore Holzberger was originally from Lerbach, a small village near Osterode, south of Hanover, Germany. He was an occasional cattle dealer, and formerly a woodsman. In late 1848 he and his family boarded the George Washington in Bremen and sailed for Adelaide, South Australia. I suspect that his wife may have been Henriette Holzberger (nee Macke), who died on voyage on 4 November. Carl Holzberger, listed as being aged 0, also died on 4 November, so I suspect both may have died in childbirth. Arriving with Theodore were Hermann (aged 12), Ludwig (aged 10), Adam (aged 5) and Charlotte (aged 3).

The George Washington, under the command of Captain H. Probst, arrived in Port Adelaide on 2 March 1849. He headed to the town of Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills, which had been established 1841 by Prussian immigrants. He was naturalised that same year, and became a farmer. He worked as a butcher in Adelaide at some stage, and before 1853 he headed to the goldfields.

In 1856 he married widow Johanne Wilhelmine Baumgurtel (nee Orlamunder). Like Theodore, Johanne was a German immigrant, having sailed out on the Ceres in 1850. They took over the Lobethal Inn in Lobethal, and renamed it the Alma Inn (it is currently called the Alma Hotel), but they had to sell it by 1859. In a letter to her brother, Johanne describes having a lot of land, but losing a lot of money.

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