Wikipedia may have more than one relevant page and may in future have more information of genealogical interest about
Template:Trywp; check from time to time and copy as desired.
[edit] [purge] Template documentation
Floats a box at top right linking to existing or future page of Wikipedia ("WP") where more information may be found
Type or paste {{trywp}} right at the start of a page or in a less prominent place. Preferably check to see whether WP has a page of that exact name; if there is an equivalent page with a different name, paste the WP name after a pipe, e.g. {{trywp|Category:Populated places in Ohio}}.
This template is of value as part of another template, such as {{Cm-us}}, referring to a class of page that Wikipedia commonly has, where it may not have every possible instance yet. If certain that WP always has a matching page, you can use {{alsoWP}}.