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This template is one of many interwiki utility templates using {{ltsany}}. It will pass the language parameter 'lang=', so the utility will also access templates in non-English wikis.
The suffixed notification on W: can be suppressed by setting the parameters inhib or No TRUE.

This template documentation is transcluded for all templates which include the common usage page: Template:Ltsany/doc.   [edit common usage page]. Masterpage 


This {{ltswpd|template name}} shows key links for a template also available on other sister projects (Meta, the commons, Wikipedia, etc. It's used for templates often copied from one sister project to another sister project, or vice versa which are categorized in Interwiki utility templates.
In general it is a means of checking interwiki on the key perameters that may be affected by a change in the template page where used (i.e. '{PAGENAME}' is default), or which is specified by the first argument, if given one.
Overall, Ltswpd is a generalization of {{lts}}/{{ltsmeta}} and {{lts/}} all shorter forms of {{lt}} which stands for 'Links of Template' with some extra parameters and is generally more capable for that reason. This usage also covers the 'filter' or 'front end templates' (typing-aid class templates) which call it when doing their work.
For the English language sister projects these are:
{the set of: ltsmda, ltsmta,  ltswbk,  ltswdy,  ltswqt,  ltswsr,  ltswnw,  ltswpd,  ltswsp,  ltswvy}
which respectively match the sister projects:
{Wikibooks, Wiktionary, Wikimedia, Meta-wiki, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikinews, Wikipedia, Wikispecies, and Wikiversity},
where any 'wiki' is ignored, 'Tionary' is assumed as Wiki-Dictionary, and that order is more or less alphabetical given those alterations.
A named parameter 'lang=' may be defined for such foundation projects which Mediawiki software will translate into an url such as 'de.wikipedia', 'fr.wikibooks', 'ja.wiktionary', etcetera.


W:Template:Lts, M:Template:Lts, etc. on various Sister projects are a smaller variant of {{lt}} with pleasant output, for use especially also on browsers which don't support ·.


{{Lts|template}} shows links for the specified template.
{{Lts}} shows links for a template wrt the {{PAGENAME}}.


Code Result
{{Lts|Lt}} Template:Lt (edit talk links history)
{{Lts}} Template:Ltswpd (edit talk links history)

See also

Template:Lts (edit talk links history) for templates
Template:Lcs (edit talk links history) for categories
Template:Lps (edit talk links history) for {{ns:Project}} (= Familypedia)
Template:Ltsmeta (edit talk links history) for templates copied from Meta
Template:Lts/ (edit talk links history) for template lists (see below)
Template:Lx (edit talk links history) boilerplate for the Lx family
Category:Internal link templates for a comparison of this zoo see below
Template:Lps (edit talk links history) on Meta
Template:Lts (edit talk links history) on Meta
Template:Ltsmeta (edit talk links history) on Meta


We got a zoo of similar templates, pick what you like. This list is probably incomplete and intentionally omits variants with parameters like {{tlx}} and redirections like {{tln}}:

Source Code Result
links talk edit {{lt|x4}} Template:X4 (edit|talk|history|links|watch|logs)
links talk edit {{lts|x4}} Template:X4 (edit talk links history)
links talk edit {{lts/|x4}} links talk edit
links talk edit {{tetl|x4}} {{ x4 }}
links talk view
links talk edit {{ti|x4}}
ትግርኛ: x4
links talk edit {{tic|x4}} Template:x4 (talk, links, edit)
links talk edit {{tiw|x4}} Template:x4 (talk, backlinks, edit)
links talk edit {{tl|x4}} {{x4}}
links talk edit {{tls|x4}} {{subst:x4}}
links talk edit {{tlsetl|x4}} {{ subst:x4 }}
links talk view
links talk edit {{tlt|x4}} {{x4}} (doc/talk)
links talk edit {{ttl|x4}} {{x4}} (t/l)
links talk edit {{twlh|x4}} Template:x4 (links, talk)

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