[[File:{{{Flag}}}|125px|border|Flag of {{{Name}}}]] [[File:{{{Seal}}}|85px|State seal of {{{Name}}}]]
[[Flag of {{{Name}}}|Flag]] [[Seal of {{{Name}}}|Seal]]
Nickname(s): {{{Nickname}}}
[[File:{{{Map}}}|center|Map of the United States with {{{Name}}} highlighted|270px]]
Capital {{{Capital}}}
Largest city {{{LargestCity}}}
Area  Ranked {{{AreaRank}}} in the U.S.
 - Total {{{TotalAreaUS}}} sq mi
({{{TotalArea}}} km2)
 - Width {{{WidthUS}}} miles ({{{Width}}} km)
 - Length {{{LengthUS}}} miles ({{{Length}}} km)
 - % water {{{PCWater}}}
 - Latitude {{{Latitude}}}
 - Longitude {{{Longitude}}}
Population  Ranked {{{PopRank}}} in the U.S.
 - Total {{{2000Pop}}}
 - Density {{{2000DensityUS}}}/sq mi  ({{{2000Density}}}/km2)
Ranked {{{DensityRank}}} in the U.S.
 - Highest point {{{HighestPoint}}}
{{{HighestElevUS}}} ft ({{{HighestElev}}} m)
 - Mean {{{MeanElevUS}}} ft  ({{{MeanElev}}} m)
 - Lowest point {{{LowestElevUS}}} ft ({{{LowestElev}}} m)
Admission to Union  {{{AdmittanceDate}}} ({{{AdmittanceOrder}}})
[[Governor of {{{Name}}}|Governor]] {{{Governor}}}
[[Lieutenant Governor of {{{Name}}}|Lieutenant Governor]] {{{Lieutenant Governor}}}
Legislature {{{Legislature}}}
 - Upper house {{{Upperhouse}}}
 - Lower house {{{Lowerhouse}}}
[[List of United States Senators from {{{Name}}}|U.S. Senators]] {{{Senators}}}
U.S. House delegation [[United States congressional delegations from {{{Name}}}|List]]
Time zone {{{TimeZone}}}

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