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Creates a page about a given name with a link to Wikipedia and a table of detail about Familypedia people who have the name set as their Property:Given name.
For just the link and table, type {{given|name=}} and insert the name before the final brackets.
Use variants=variant1+variant2+...+variantN
For more detail, set out like the following and fill in whatever lines you can, leaving other lines alone for someone to fill later:
| name=Henry
| image=
| pronunciation=
| gender=[[Male]]
| meaning=
| origin=
| variants=Harry+Heinrich+Hendrik+Henrik
| description=
| others=*[[Henry Adams (1797-1866)]]
*[[Henry Aichensoune (bef1450-1492)]]
*[[Henry Allen Earls (1886-1967)]]
*[[Henry Antone Dahl I (1915-1966)]]
*[[Henry Antone Dahl II (1937-1976)]]
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