Temür Qutlugh was born 1370 to Temür Malik and died 1399 of unspecified causes.

Temür Qutlugh (c. 1370 – 1399) was a khan of Golden Horde in 1397–1399. He was a son of Temür Malik, khan of the White Horde, who struggled against Tokhtamysh. After the death of Temür Malik in 1379 Qutlugh was reared at Tokhtamysh's court. After an unsuccessful revolt against Tokhtamysh in 1388, he, along with Edigu, fled to Tamerlane. During the Tokhtamysh–Tamerlane war in 1391–1395, they founded an independent ulus (district) in the region of the lower Volga and Ural Rivers, placing their capital in Saray-Jük. After the defeat of Tokhtamysh, Qutlugh, with Edigu's help, was crowned as Khan of the Golden Horde, although Edigu was the real holder of power. In 1398, Qutlugh coined his own money, and in 1399, he participated in the battle of the Vorskla River. He was killed in a conflict with Tokhtamysh's son.



Offspring of Temür Qutlugh and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Shadi Beg



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