Tom Smiler Jnr was born 1915 in New Zealand to Thomas Pera Punahamoa Ihimaera Smiler (c1890-) and Teria Pere (1897-1955) and died 6 September 2010 New Zealand of unspecified causes. He married Julia Turi Tereti Mana Tikitiki Keelan (1923-2010) .



Offspring of Tom Smiler Jnr and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Puke Smiler (living)

Offspring of Tom Smiler Jnr and Julia Turi Tereti Mana Tikitiki Keelan (1923-2010)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Witi Tame Ihimaera-Smiler (1944)
Caroline (Kara) Smiler (1945)
Thomas Smiler (1947-1947)
Polly (Pare) Smiler (c1947)
Vicki Smiler (living) Hore (Larry) Lewis (living) Hore (Larry) Lewis (living) Unknown Carr
Derek Smiler (living)
Gay Smiler (living)
Neil Smiler (living)


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
¢2 Children 2
  • Son Witi became a distinguished New Zealand diplomat and author.
  • From Witi's memoir Halcyon, we learn that Witi's only siblings in the summer of 1951-52 were girls called Kara and Pare. The three children stayed "up the Coast near Ruatoria" with "Nanny Caroline" (an aunt of Julia's), for a while during that summer. Nanny Caroline was married to Uncle Pita (who said that Caroline was his auntie) and they had 12 children: Tamihana the eldest ("nearly as big as Dad"), then Grace, George, Albert, Kararaina, Hone (in Standard 1, as was Witi, though two years older), Sid (about the same size as Witi), Kopua, Sally, Kepa (4), Whiti, and Emere. After Kararaina there had been another brother: "Jimmie Tapanui, died 1947". (The Gisborne Photo News has nobody with surname "Tapanui" but has over 20 with surname "Keelan" though few if any seem to belong to Pita and Nanny.)
  • Caroline was a debutante in 1963 (see notes for Josephine, below); was shown clearly as "Caroline Smiler, daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas Smiler, jnr, Te Karaka. Caroline is a second year student at Ardmore Teachers' Training College." - in a "Coming of Age" feature in August 1966 - hence birth year fairly certain to be 1945; was (with "Vicki Smiler") a member of the Poverty Bay Ladies Hockey Rep. Team when it departed for the national championships at Wanganui in August 1967 - on returning victorious, the team posed for a photograph (as noted under "sources") and apparently included "Viki Smiler and Carole Smiler" with absentees Josephine Smiler and Polly Smiler (not depicted) - while the photo included Tom Smiler (president) (who appears to be quite old enough to be Tom Snr), Mrs Julia Smiler (chaperon), and Tom Smiler, jnr (coach) (looking as if 1915 could well have been his birth year). Caroline may also have been the one named "Carol Smiler" in 1962: "The Poverty Bay A team are from left, back row: Gail Patty, Quennie Tupara, Carol Smiler, Lena Smiler, ..." (That's Lena's only appearance in Gisborne Photo News.)
  • Daughter called "Vikki" or "Viki" in some news media but really Vicki, mentioned above as a hockey player, became - with some help from her first husband - the mother of the first Maori to join the British Royal family.
  • Polly or Pare, who married a Crawford, had parents-in-law Apirana Te Waaka Crawford (1905-1986) and Hariata Maurirere (-), who had about 16 children; ancestry is shown on only for Apirana. Polly's only actual appearance in the Photo News was in a 1963 Queen Carnival as one of the princesses
  • Possible nieces:
    • Elizabeth Smiler: debutante in 1963 (see notes for Josephine, below); no other mention in Photo News.
    • Josephine (or "Joe" in a Bay of Plenty team?) Smiler, who appeared in the schoolgirls hockey team in 1959 (under coaches Mrs F. Poole and Hani Smiler) but had graduated to what became the NZ champion women's team by 1967. In 1963 she was a debutante at the Gold and Green Ball, as were Caroline Smiler and Elizabeth Smiler.
¶ Death
  • Date from newspaper notice.

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