Confusion with sister?Edit

I wonder whether we or the Quebec site have confused some details of this lady and her sister Hildegard (c802-841). We're closer to Wikipedia, which is a slightly comforting thought. — Robin Patterson (Talk) 07:31, April 11, 2010 (UTC)

Quebec has Rotrud (800-841) with no spouse or children. Most of the children's birth dates agree with an 1819 or 1822 marriage, but the Erlangen site says Ranulf was born c.815.

Investigating further, I see that both of the ladies reportedly also married or had a relationship with Rather Graf v.Limoges, who also died at Fontenoy, 25 June 841 : Rotrud's relationship with him was in 822; Hildegard's not specified.

Here are the Erlangen entries:

(13000110) Rotrud [KdG-2]

  • c.800

+ n.841

  • Father: Ludwig I.
  • Mother: Ermengard ?1
  1. Marriage/Union : Gerard d'Auvergne
        1. Ranulf I. d'Aquitaine (c.815-?.10.866)
        2. Gerhard II de Limousin (?-v.879)
        3. ? d'Auvergne?
  2. Marriage/Union (822): Rather v.Limoges

(13000113) Hildegard [KdG-2]

  • c.802/804

+ n.?.10.841

  • Father: Ludwig I.
  • Mother: Ermengard ?1
  1. Marriage/Union : Gerard d'Auvergne
  2. Marriage/Union : Rather v.Limoges

Too much coincidence? I wonder whether there was just one woman, who had the various names listed on the Quebec site.

French Wikipedia is very little help. Its article on Louis mentions both Rotrude (a red link with no dates) and the Abbess Hildegarde (c803-c857). It links to the French Rodovid's family tree chart for Louis, which has "Rotrud de France" (c 803) marrying Gerard and no mention of sister Hildegard or the three children. The English Rodovid has [ "Rotrud of Hildegard b. 803? d. 841"! And its article on Gérard d'Auvergne b. ~ 795 d. 25 June 841 mentions the birth of Ranulf c820.

The Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, using ancient manuscripts as usual, goes into some detail about Gerard, not helping us here! It suggests that Ranulf and the others were Gerard's children by an unknown wife who was probably not a daughter of Louis.

Robin Patterson (Talk) 10:40, April 11, 2010 (UTC)