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  • Robert Smart Adams (1851-1932)  + (Maude Evelyn Adams (1877-1943)+Lillie May Adams (1879-1924)+Harrie McKenzie Smart Adams (1881-1947)+Robert Adams (1884-1884)+Myrtle B Adams (1887-1903)+Newton Walter Adams (1890-1966)+Albert A R Adams (1893-1893)+Leslie Thomas Markham Adams (1894-1957))
  • John Edward Henry Eastcott (c1857-1900)  + (John Edward Henry Eastcott (1881-1938)+Harry Earnest Eastcott (1884-1947)+Bertie Albert Eastcott (1885-1948)+Charles Patrick Robert Eastcott (1895-1895))
  • William Axam (1870-1943)  + (Eileen Mary Josephine Axam (1900-1951)+William Walter Axam (1900-c1967)+Neva M H Axam (1905)+Cecil J D G Axam (1908-1908)+Edna M A Axam (1909))
  • John William Rothwell (1855-1896)  + (John William Charles Rothwell (1890)+Regina Rothwell (1888-1888)+Henry F V Rothwell (1894-1914)+Gladys R K L Rothwell (1897))
  • Alwin Edward Newton (1878-1959)  + (Alwin Edward Newton (1900-1963)+Olive Linda Newton (1906-1992))
  • Elijah James Marks (1870-1941)  + (Mable Marks (1900-1928)+Thomas William Marks (1902-1903)+Lillian Maud Marks (1906-1961)+Henry Clifton Marks (1909-1964)+Doris May Marks (1911-))
  • Victor Clarence Marks (1872-1965)  + (Claris Viva Marks (1896-1897)+Doris Irene Marks (1899-1982)+Enid Alice Marks (1901-1907)+William Victor Marks (1902-1966)+Edgar Clarence Marks (1910-1968)+Jean Lilian Marks (1918-))
  • Charles Richard Marks (1879-1971)  + (Albert Edward Marks (1903-1981)+William Thomas Marks (1905-1958)+Edna May Marks (1909-1988)+Victor Charles Marks (1911-1985)+Connie Maud Marks (1914-1983))
  • Richard Thompson Savage (1875-1952)  + (Eliza Maud Savage (1901-1905)+William RobeEliza Maud Savage (1901-1905)+William Robert Savage (1903-1932)+James Thompson Savage (1905-1986)+May Savage (1907-)+Elizabeth Marion Savage (1909-1927)+John Marks Savage (1911-1983)+Elsie Maude Savage (1914-)+ Doris Enid Savage (1914-1915) +Lydia Lily Savage (1916-)+Willie Alexander Savage (1917-1973)1916-)+Willie Alexander Savage (1917-1973))
  • Millicent Patience Marks (1884-1929)  + (Margaret Eliza Louisa McLeod (1913-1968)+William Roderick Charles McLeod (1915-1988)+John Alexander McLeod (1917-1976)+Douglas Harold McLeod (1924-1955))
  • Charles Henry Alfred Marks (1868-1941)  + (Leslie Eric Marks (1897-1936)+Victor Dudley Marks (1909-1957)+Allan Frederick Marks (1912-1971))
  • William Marks (1841-1927)  + (Elizabeth Louise Marks (1862-1935)+Emma JaElizabeth Louise Marks (1862-1935)+Emma Jane Marks (1864-1959)+Margaret Ann Marks (1866-1947)+William Alexander Marks (1868-1953)+Elijah James Marks (1870-1941)+Victor Clarence Marks (1872-1963)+May Honor Marks (1876-1954)+Charles Richard Marks (1879-1971)+Maud Lydia Marks (1882-1949)+Millicent Patience Marks (1884-1929)1949)+Millicent Patience Marks (1884-1929))
  • Alfred James Marks (1849-1896)  + (Francis William Marks (1880-1973)+Alfred James Marks (1882-1949)+John Ambrose Marks (1884-1965)+Matilda Marian Marks (1886-1968)+Mary Emily May Marks (1889-1943)+Blanche Josephine Mary Marks (1891-1899)+Anne May Marks (1894-1966))
  • James Amphlett (1648-1725)  + (James Amphlett (1672-1747)+Elizabeth Amphlett (1675-1750)+Mary Amphlett (1677)+Martha Amphlett (c1682-1682)+Lydia Amphlett (1692-1767)+Hannah Amphlett (1694-1784))
  • Thomas Harley (c1693-1757)  + (George Harley (c1730-1814)+Ann Harley (c1732-1807)+Mary Harley (c1735-1810)+John Harley (c1737-1812)+Hannah Harley (c1739-1814)+Thomas Harley (c1740-1821)+Louisa Harley (c1743-1743)+William Harley (c1745)+Elizabeth Harley (c1750)+Sarah Harley (c1744-1744))
  • James Christie (1804-1856)  + (James Christie (1825-1895)+Margaret Christie (1834-1837)+Mary Margaret Christie (1839-1868)+William Christie (1841-1909))
  • Hannah Stanley (1788-1854)  + (Charlotte Clarke (1810-1853))
  • Daniel Clarke (1786-1869)  + (Mary Ann Clarke (1815-1904)+Robert Clarke Mary Ann Clarke (1815-1904)+Robert Clarke (1817-1861)+Hannah Clarke (1817-1900)+John James Clarke (1820-1894)+Elizabeth Clarke (1822-1870)+William Clarke (1824-1873)+Lucy Clarke (1827-1884)+Thomas Clarke (1829-1901)+Henry Clarke (1831-1887)+Esther C Clarke (1834-1885)+George Clarke (1836-1897)arke (1834-1885)+George Clarke (1836-1897))
  • Louisa Maria Adams (1846-1907)  + (Hellena Laundess (1864-1932)+Elizabeth LauHellena Laundess (1864-1932)+Elizabeth Laundess (1867-?)+Emmaline Catherine T Laundess (1868-1911)+Constantine Thomas Laundess (1870-1942)+Seymour Louisa Laundess (1872-1943)+Ann Elizabeth Laundess (1875-1904)+Henry George Laundess (1877-1954)+Agnes Sarah Laundess (1880-1949)+Florence Eveline May Laundess (1882-1925)+John Daniel Laundess (1884-1976)882-1925)+John Daniel Laundess (1884-1976))
  • Robert Blackman (1811-1876)  + (Robert Blackman (1835-1925)+Mary Ann BlackRobert Blackman (1835-1925)+Mary Ann Blackman (1837-1913)+Elizabeth Blackman (1839-1924)+Eliza Blackman (1842-aft1861)+Samuel Blackman (1845-)+Harriet Blackman (1847-aft1878)+Louisa Blackman (1848-1857)+Joseph Blackman (1851-)+Henry Oliver Blackman (1853-1935)+James Harley Blackman (1855-1936)+Charles Edward Blackman (1858-1936)+John Blackman (1858-1858)kman (1858-1936)+John Blackman (1858-1858))
  • Elizabeth Blackman (1839-1924)  + (Louisa Jane Blackman (1864-1943) + George Walter Marjoram (1866-1949))
  • George Walter Marjoram (1866-1949)  + (Ethel Marjoram (1889-1961)+Walter Marjoram (1891-1980)+Agnes Sarah Marjoram (1893-1956)+Annie Marjoram (1896-1950)+George Charles Marjoram (1898-1966))
  • Adam (4004 BC-3074 BC)  + (Cain ben Adam+Abel ben Adam+Seth ben Adam (3630 BC-2718 BC) + Awan (?-?) + Azura (Seth's sister) + other sons and daughters)
  • Cain ben Adam  + (Enos ben Cain + other sons and daughters)
  • Genghis Khan (c1162-1227)  + (Jochi of Mongol Empire (c1185) + Chagatai of Mongol Empire (c1186) + Ögedei of Mongol Empire (c1186-1241) + Tolui of Mongol Empire (1190))
  • Lucretia T Daggett (1837-1917)  + (Robert Grant Dole (1872-1961))
  • William Heath Davis (1793-)  + (Robert Grimes Davis (1819-1872) + William Heath Davis (1821-1909))
  • Thomas Steele (1748-1846)  + (Robert H Steele (c1778-)+George Steele (1780-1853)+Thomas Steele (1783-1846)+Elizabeth M Steele (1785-1853)+Jane Maxwell Steele (1785-1842)+John Steele (1798-1850)+Samuel Steele (1800-1880))
  • Dinah E. Brown (1839-)  + (Robert H. Riley (1858-)+George E. Riley (1860-)+John L. Riley (1863-)+Jeremiah T. Riley (1865-)+Edward T. Riley (1870-)+David C. Riley (1874-))
  • William Hamby (1416-1470)  + (Robert Hamby (1444-1525))
  • William Hamby (1534-1613)  + (Robert Hamby (1573-1635))
  • William Hamilton (bef1642-1724)  + (Robert Hamilton (1664-1726))
  • Edward Harley (1664-1735)  + (Robert Harley (c1697-1774)+Edward Harley, 3rd Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer (c1699-1755)+Abigail Harley (c1704-1760))
  • Robert Harrison (c1690-c1736)  + (Robert Harrison (1724-1796)+Samuel Harrison (c1730-)+Ann Harrison (c1730-)+Sarah Harrison (c1730-)+John Harrison (1736-1772))
  • Samuel Harrison (c1660-)  + (Robert Harrison (c1690-c1736))
  • Robert Harwood Quayle (1887-1968)  + (Robert Harwood Quayle (1914-1993)+William Thomas Quayle (1917-1993)+James Cline Quayle (1921-2000))
  • Martin Hobart Knapp (1881-1959)  + (Robert Hazard Knapp (1913-1995)+Peter Hobart Knapp (1916-1992)+Sarah Sedgwick Knapp (1919-1996))
  • Hendrika van Meerveld (1915-2002)  + (Robert Hendricus Vittali (1944)+Marianne Hendrika Vittali (1946-2004))
  • Hendricus Franciscus Vittali (1912-1997)  + (Robert Hendricus Vittali (1944)+Marianne Hendrika Vittali (1946-2004))
  • William Clarke (c1855-1925)  + (Robert Henry Blake Clarke (c1880-1949)+AliRobert Henry Blake Clarke (c1880-1949)+Alice Ada Seymour Clarke (c1882-1959)+Katie B Clarke (c1884-1956)+William Arthur Clarke (c1886-1968)+Dorothy Clarke (c1887-1965)+Clarence Eden Clarke (c1889-1948)+Jessie Emily Clarke (c1890-1951)+Reginald Clarke (c1891-c1892)+Errol B Clarke (c1895-c1896)(c1891-c1892)+Errol B Clarke (c1895-c1896))
  • Charles Henry Bowden (1902-1989)  + (Robert Henry Bowden (1932-)+Francis Charles Bowden (1933-2008)+Norma Bowden (1935-)+Richard Bowden (1936-)+John Frederick Bowden (1937-1958))
  • Henry Martin De Niro (1897-1976)  + (Robert Henry De Niro (1922-1993))
  • Helen M. O'Reilly (1899-1999)  + (Robert Henry De Niro (1922-1993))
  • Edwin Smith Hinckley (1868-1929)  + (Robert Henry Hinckley (1891-1988) + LeonorRobert Henry Hinckley (1891-1988) + Leonore Adelaide Hinckley (1894-1953) + Edwin Carlyle Hinckley (1896-1984) + Norma Elizabeth Hinckley (1897-1906) + Claudius Warren Hinckley (1899-1967) + Paul Bryant Hinckley (1900-1921) + Frederick Russel Hinckley (1902-1993) + John Noble Hinckley (1903-1992) + Evelyn Marguerite Hinckley (1905-1963) + Gordon Holbrook Hinckley (1906-1925) + Muriel Aileen Hinckley (1907-1907) + George Marion Hinckley (1909-2000) + Angela Ruth Hinckley (1910-1984)9-2000) + Angela Ruth Hinckley (1910-1984))
  • Sarah Jane Ball (1882-1937)  + (Robert Henry Laundess (1903-1906)+James WiRobert Henry Laundess (1903-1906)+James Wilson Laundess (1904-c1982)+Florence Edith Laundess (1906-1977)+Louis John Laundess (c1918-c1993)+Berton George Laundess (c1910-c1973)+Mirian Maude Laundess (-)+Mabel Merle Laundess (1919-1986)+Vera Thelma Laundess (-)+Harriet Laundess (aft1902)ma Laundess (-)+Harriet Laundess (aft1902))
  • George Lee (1829-1879)  + (Robert Henry Lee (1858-1903)+Margaret JaneRobert Henry Lee (1858-1903)+Margaret Jane Lee (1859-1883)+Laura Mary Lee (1860-)+George William Lee (1862-)+Harriet Elizabeth Lee (1864-)+Alice LeLievre Lee (1866-1939)+Ada Victoria Lee (1869-1921)+Albert James Lee (1869-1869)+Charles Arthur Lee (1872-1940)+Edith Gertrude Lee (1874-)+Frederick Sydney Matthews Lee (1875-1935)+Frederick Sydney Matthews Lee (1875-1935))
  • John Alfred Limeburner (1872-1966)  + (Robert Henry Limeburner (1901-1981)+Rosetta Limeburner (1903-1986)+Martha Phyllis Limeburner (1905-1983)+Hazel Myra Limeburner (1907-1934)+Myrtle Limeburner (1908-1995)+Jack Limeburner (1911-2000)+Jean Limeburner (1914-2003)+Alfred Limeburner (1917-2002))
  • Henry Moxham (1792-1870)  + (Robert Henry Moxham (1823-1880)+Anna Maria Moxham (1829-1890)+John James Moxham (1831-1909)+William Moxham (1834-1906))
  • Alexander Hartson Norton (1839-1914)  + (Robert Henry Norton (1867-1931) + Edith Evelyn Norton (1869-1950) + Oscar Webster Norton (1872-1965) + Ethel Rolfe Norton (1880-1965))
  • Robert Shepherd (1870-1912)  + (Robert Henry Shepherd (1892-1968)+Mary Isabella Shepherd (1894-1896)+Edmund George Shepherd (1896-1968)+Herbert James Shepherd (1898-1971)+Margaret Jane Shepherd (1907-1972))
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