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A list of all pages that have property "Children-list1" with value "(child) Adams (1828-1829)". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Stephen Cheeseman (1850-1901)  + ((Stephen) William Cheeseman (1878-)+Albert C Cheeseman (1881-)+Charles Cheeseman (1887-))
  • William Reierson Arbuthnot (1950)  + ((Thomasina) Lucy Arbuthnot (1998))
  • Sarah Blundell (-1760)  + ((Two sisters)+Hannah Hills (1748-1790))
  • Johann Adolf I. von Schwarzenberg (1615-1683)  + ((a daughter) von Schwarzenberg (1644-1644)(a daughter) von Schwarzenberg (1644-1644)+Johann Leopold Philip von Schwarzenberg (1647-1647)+Maria Ernestina von Schwarzenberg (1649-1719)+Ferdinand Wilhelm Eusebius von Schwarzenberg (1652-1703)+Charlotte von Schwarzenberg (1654-1661)+Ludwig Adam von Schwarzenberg (1655-1656)+Polyxena von Schwarzenberg (1658-1659)56)+Polyxena von Schwarzenberg (1658-1659))
  • Eunice May Duckworth (1913-)  + ((at least one child))
  • Alfred Francis Baker (1878-1955)  + ((baby boy) Baker (1908-1908) + Leona Evelyn Baker (1909-1999) + Verla Crystal Baker (1910-1993) + Dorothy Mae Baker (1917-2008) + Francis Aaron Baker (1919-2005) + Raymond Alfred Baker (1925-2014))
  • Catherine Camden (1857-1948)  + ((baby) Oakley (1873-1873)+(baby) Oakley (1(baby) Oakley (1873-1873)+(baby) Oakley (1874-1874)+Emily May Oakley (c1874-1910)+Elizabeth C Oakley (1875)+James Oakley (1877)+Luke A Oakley (1878)+Richard J Oakley (1881)+Thomas R Oakley (1884)+(baby) Oakley (1886)+Mary Ann Oakley (1888)+Corral I (Colin) Oakley (1890)+Russell R Oakley (1894)+Cecil V Oakley (1897)sell R Oakley (1894)+Cecil V Oakley (1897))
  • Sharon Lee Ritchie (living)  + ((boy)+(girl)+Sarah Rae (1995-1995))
  • John Hussey, 1st Baron Hussey of Sleaford (1465-1537)  + ((check))
  • Daniel Adams (1679-1713)  + ((child) ADAM (c1699-1700)+Thankful Adams (1698-1699)+Thankful Adams (1701)+Ephraim Adams (1701)+Daniel Adams (1706-1779)+Abraham Adams (1707)+Hannah Adams (1709)+James Adams (1712-1787))
  • Genghis Khan (c1162-1227)  + (Jochi of Mongol Empire (c1185) + Chagatai of Mongol Empire (c1186) + Ögedei of Mongol Empire (c1186-1241) + Tolui of Mongol Empire (1190))
  • Cain ben Adam  + (Enos ben Cain + other sons and daughters)
  • Adam (4004 BC-3074 BC)  + (Cain ben Adam+Abel ben Adam+Seth ben Adam (3630 BC-2718 BC) + Awan (?-?) + Azura (Seth's sister) + other sons and daughters)
  • Percy Stanley Marks (1911-1988)  + (Unknown Marks (1937-1937)+Sylvia Gweneth Marks (1939)+Dorothy Enid Marks (1942)+Patricia Anne Marks (1947))
  • James Blackman (1759-1842)  + (Samuel A Blackman (1788-1843)+James BlackmSamuel A Blackman (1788-1843)+James Blackman (c1792-1868)+John Blackman (c1795-1860)+Elizabeth Blackman (c1798-1849)+William R Blackman (c1800-1854)+Mary Ann Blackman (1803-1886)+Henrietta M Blackman (1807-1851)+George Blackman (1809-bef1888)+Robert Blackman (1811-1876)+Martha Blackman (1813-1901)an (1811-1876)+Martha Blackman (1813-1901))
  • George Walter Marjoram (1866-1949)  + (Ethel Marjoram (1889-1961)+Walter Marjoram (1891-1980)+Agnes Sarah Marjoram (1893-1956)+Annie Marjoram (1896-1950)+George Charles Marjoram (1898-1966))
  • Elizabeth Blackman (1839-1924)  + (Louisa Jane Blackman (1864-1943) + George Walter Marjoram (1866-1949))
  • Robert Blackman (1811-1876)  + (Robert Blackman (1835-1925)+Mary Ann BlackRobert Blackman (1835-1925)+Mary Ann Blackman (1837-1913)+Elizabeth Blackman (1839-1924)+Eliza Blackman (1842-aft1861)+Samuel Blackman (1845-)+Harriet Blackman (1847-aft1878)+Louisa Blackman (1848-1857)+Joseph Blackman (1851-)+Henry Oliver Blackman (1853-1935)+James Harley Blackman (1855-1936)+Charles Edward Blackman (1858-1936)+John Blackman (1858-1858)kman (1858-1936)+John Blackman (1858-1858))
  • Louisa Maria Adams (1846-1907)  + (Hellena Laundess (1864-1932)+Elizabeth LauHellena Laundess (1864-1932)+Elizabeth Laundess (1867-?)+Emmaline Catherine T Laundess (1868-1911)+Constantine Thomas Laundess (1870-1942)+Seymour Louisa Laundess (1872-1943)+Ann Elizabeth Laundess (1875-1904)+Henry George Laundess (1877-1954)+Agnes Sarah Laundess (1880-1949)+Florence Eveline May Laundess (1882-1925)+John Daniel Laundess (1884-1976)882-1925)+John Daniel Laundess (1884-1976))
  • Daniel Clarke (1786-1869)  + (Mary Ann Clarke (1815-1904)+Robert Clarke Mary Ann Clarke (1815-1904)+Robert Clarke (1817-1861)+Hannah Clarke (1817-1900)+John James Clarke (1820-1894)+Elizabeth Clarke (1822-1870)+William Clarke (1824-1873)+Lucy Clarke (1827-1884)+Thomas Clarke (1829-1901)+Henry Clarke (1831-1887)+Esther C Clarke (1834-1885)+George Clarke (1836-1897)arke (1834-1885)+George Clarke (1836-1897))