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 FatherMotherAge at death
Dulcie Veronica Dunsdon (1911-1996)Samuel John Dunsdon (1881-1946)Ethel Grace Kemp (1880-1963)
Sarah Ann Erby (1846-1878)George Erby (1794-1862)Charlotte Clarke (1810-1853)32
Mary Ann Farley (1855-1936)Winthrope Farley (1831-1892)Mary Ellen Reed (1825-1914)
Thomas William Faulks (1862-1948)John Faulks (1831-1923)Martha Boxsell (1837-1897)86
András (Andor) Fáy (1851-1906)Péter Fáy (1816-1873)Mária Vécsey (c1825-1909)
Gedeon Fáy (1815-1890)András Fáy (c1770-c1840)Erzsébet Damó (c1790-c1850)
Patrick Gaynor (1867-1943)Lawrence Gaynor (1825-1903)Bridget Mackeson (1825-1893)76
Frances Augusta Ginn (1842-1917)Rasberry Sabastian Ginn (c1812-bef1870)Missant Magee (1818-)75
William de Grandison, 1st Baron Grandison (-c1335)Pierre de Grandson (-c1259)Agnes von Neuenberg (-c1259)73
Evaris Boutell Greene (1870-1947)Daniel Crosby Greene (1843-1913)Mary Jane Forbes (1845-1909)
Reuben Charles Grono (1875-1963)William Grono (1833-1910)Mary Ann Hobbs (1837-1913)
David Charles Guthrie (1788-1859)James Guthrie (1740-1830)Amelia Murray (1749-1824)71
Maximilian von Habsburg-Lothringen, Archbishop of Koln (1756-1801)Franz I. Stephan von Lothringen (1708-1765)Maria Theresia von Habsburg (1717-1780)45
Ada Rose Hahn (1870-1949)79
Duane Hamblin (1863-1936)William Haynes Hamblin (1830-1872)Betsey Jane Leavitt (1839-1917)73
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