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 FatherMotherDeath placeAge at death
Joanna of Navarre (1339-1403)Philip III of Navarre (1306-1343)Joan II of Navarre (1312-1349)64
James Carey (1652-1706)John Carey (1610-1681)Elizabeth Godfrey (1620-1680)[[North Bridgewater, Massachusetts|North Bridgewater]], [[Plymouth County, Massachusetts|Plymouth County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]]54
William Christie (1841-1909)James Christie (1804-1856)Margaret Dunbar Bailey (c1800-1881)"Williamsdale", [[Wheeo, New South Wales|Wheeo]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]68
Joane Collin (1610-1680)Abraham Collins (1580-)Anne Stannard (1584-)[[Rowley, Massachusetts|Rowley]], [[Essex County, Massachusetts|Essex County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]]
Albert Baldwin Dod (1805-1845)Daniel Dod (1778-1823)Nancy Squire (1780-1851)[[Princeton, New Jersey|Princeton]], [[Mercer County, New Jersey|Mercer County]], [[New Jersey|New Jersey]], [[United States|United States]]40
Helen Duff (1739-1778)William Duff, 1st Earl of Fife (1697-1763)Jean Grant (1705-1788)[[Gibraltar|Gibraltar]]39
Edith Emerson (1841-1929)Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)Lidian Jackson (1809-1892)[[Milton, Massachusetts|Milton]], [[Norfolk County, Massachusetts|Norfolk County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]], [[United States|United States]]88
Augusta Fane (1786-1871)John Fane, 10th Earl of Westmorland (1759-1841)Sarah Anne Child (1764-1793)85
Amintore Fanfani (1908-1999)[[Rome|Rome]], [[Latium|Latium]], [[Italy|Italy]]91
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