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 FatherMotherJoined with-g2Wedding2 place
Louis I de Bourbon (1530-1569)Charles de Vendôme (1489-1537)Françoise d'Alençon (1490-1550)Francoise of Orleans
Ezra Thompson Clark (1823-1901)Timothy Baldwin Clark (1778-1848)Mary Polly Keeler (1786-1839)Susan Leggett (1838-1902)[[Salt Lake City|Salt Lake City]], [[Salt Lake County, Utah|Salt Lake County]], [[Utah|Utah]]
Arien Commandeur (1787-1860)Pieter Commandeur (1734-)Geertje Roosendaal (1748-1818)Antje Doodeman (1790-1835)[[Wervershoof|Wervershoof]], [[North Holland|North Holland]], [[Netherlands|Netherlands]]
William Cooper (1694-1743)Thomas Cooper (1660-1705)Mehitable Minot (1668-1738)Mary Foye (1720-1773)[[Boston|Boston]], [[Suffolk County, Massachusetts|Suffolk County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]]
Blanche Adeliza Fitzroy (1839-1933)Henry Fitzroy (1806-1877)Jane Elizabeth Beauclerk (c1807-1892)Robert Francis St. Clair-Erskine, 4th Earl of Rosslyn (1833-1890)
William Forster (1818-1882)Thomas Forster (c1781-1856)Eliza Blaxland (c1800-1876)Maud Julia Edwards (bef1873)[[Armidale, New South Wales|Armidale]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Philip IV of Spain (1605-1665)Philip III of Spain (1578-1621)Margaret of Austria (1584-1611)Maria Anna von Österreich (1634-1696)
Joseph Hastings (1657-1695)Thomas Hastings (c1605-1685)Margaret Cheney (1628-1678)Martha Shepherd (1662-1694)[[Watertown, Massachusetts|Watertown]], [[Middlesex County, Massachusetts|Middlesex County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]]
Thomas Jarrett (1836-1910)Henry Jarrett (1807-1886)Jane Barnes (1812-1884)Jane Vidler (1837-1930)[[Wollongong|Wollongong]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
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