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 FatherMotherJoined with-g1Wedding1 place
Francis Brownlow (1860-1941)John Brownlow (1838-1867)Isabella Fraser (1832-1920)Selina Ethel Jane Weavers (1863-1898)[[Mudgee|Mudgee]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Abigail Pierce Truman Chapman (1845-1917)Francis Morgan Chapman (1807-1886)Lucy Anne Truman (1804-1876)Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich (1841-1915)
Louisa Ann Chaseling (1809-1892)Thomas Chaseling (c1772-1847)Margaret McMahon (c1777-1815)George Turnbull (1806-1885)[[Sackville Reach, New South Wales|Sackville Reach]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Arthur Cheney (1837-1878)Ward Cheney (1813-1876)Caroline Jackson (1813-1865)Emeline Lewis (1841-1915)[[Boston, Massachusetts|Boston]], [[Suffolk County, Massachusetts|Suffolk County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]]
Gilbert de Clare, 5th Earl of Hertford (1180-1230)Richard de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford (c1153-1218)Amice FitzRobert, Countess of Gloucester (c1160-1220)Isabel Marshal (1200-1240)
William Clayton (1814-1879)Thomas Clayton (1793-1849)Ann Critchely (1793-1848)Ruth Moon (1817-1894)[[Penwortham|Penwortham]], [[Lancashire|Lancashire]], [[England|England]], [[United Kingdom|United Kingdom]]
Gertrude Theodosia Colley (-1934)Henry FitzGeorge Colley (1827-1886)Elizabeth Isabella Wingfield (-1903)Alberic Arthur Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes (1865-1919)
Olive Vera Jean Cummings (c1898-1978)Victor Frederick Picker (1895-1971)[[Boorowa|Boorowa]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Jethro Delano (1701-1776)Jonathan Delano (1647-1720)Mercy Warren (1658-1727)Elizabeth Pope (1706-1771)[[Dartmouth, Massachusetts|Dartmouth]], [[Bristol County, Massachusetts|Bristol County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]]
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