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 FatherMotherJoined with-g1Wedding1 place
Esther Cecelia Burk (1849-1936)Allen Burk (1809-1885)Emily Jane Smith (1822-1886)Lyman Stoddard Hamblin (1848-1923)[[Salt Lake City, Utah|Salt Lake City]], [[Salt Lake County, Utah|Salt Lake County]], [[Utah|Utah]]
Henry Cadogan (1642-1715)William Cadogan (1601-1661)Elizabeth Roberts (-1665)Bridget Waller (bef1656-1721)
George John Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll (1823-1900)John Douglas Edward Henry Campbell, 7th Duke of Argyll (1777-1847)Joan Glassel (bef1805-1828)Elizabeth Georgiana Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (1824-1878)[[Trentham, Staffordshire|Trentham]], [[Staffordshire|Staffordshire]], [[England|England]], [[United Kingdom|United Kingdom]]
Richard Frederick Cavendish (1871-1946)Edward Cavendish (1838-1891)Emma Elizabeth Lascelles (1838-1920)Moyra de Vere Beauclerk (1876-1942)[[Bestwood St. Albans|Bestwood St. Albans]], [[Nottinghamshire|Nottinghamshire]], [[England|England]], [[United Kingdom|United Kingdom]]
William Francis Channing (1820-1901)William Ellery Channing (1780-1842)Ruth Gibbs (1778-1870)Susan Elizabeth Burdick (1828-)
Jerusha Russell Clark (1783-1872)Ebenezer Clark (1747-1834)Eunice Pomeroy (1751-1791)Samuel Gates (1783-1870)[[Lunenburg, Vermont|Lunenburg]], [[Essex County, Vermont|Essex County]], [[Vermont|Vermont]], [[United States|United States]]
Penn Assheton Curzon (1757-1797)Assheton Curzon, 1st Viscount Curzon of Penn (1730-1820)Esther Hanmer (c1719-1764)Sophia Charlotte Howe, 2nd Baroness Howe of Langar (1762-1835)[[Shenley, Buckinghamshire|Shenley]], [[Buckinghamshire|Buckinghamshire]], [[England|England]], [[United Kingdom|United Kingdom]]
Thomas Cutler (1648-1722)James Cutler (1605-1694)Mary Barnard (1610-1654)Abigail Dewey (1652-1711)[[Watertown, Massachusetts|Watertown]], [[Middlesex County, Massachusetts|Middlesex County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]]
Robert Barrington Dawson (1815-1891)Robert Dawson (1782-1865)Anna Maria Taylor (c1782-1835)Jessy Lamotte (c1817-1904)St Thomas, [[North Sydney, New South Wales|North Sydney]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
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