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 FatherMotherJoined with-g1Wedding1 place
Samuel Broadaway (c1758-)Samuel Broadaway (1734-)Alice Green (1734-)Sarah Dewis (1760-)[[Bedworth|Bedworth]], [[Warwickshire|Warwickshire]]
Parilee Brown (1863-1947)John Brown (1820-1896)Elizabeth Crosby (1822-1906)George Samuel Hayes (1862-1944)[[Logan, Utah|Logan]], [[Cache County, Utah|Cache County]], [[Utah|Utah]]
John Browning (1874-1958)Richard Browning (1851-1929)Elizabeth Moss (1855-1926)Florence Boardman (1880-1954)[[Cowra|Cowra]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Emma Bruns (1864-1954)Henry J Moehlenkamp (c1858-1937)[[St. Charles, Missouri|St. Charles]], [[St. Charles County, Missouri|St. Charles County]], [[Missouri|Missouri]], [[United States|United States]]
Katalin Bánffy de Losoncz (1871-1974)György Bánffy de Losoncz (1844-1929)Irma Bánffy de Losoncz (1852-1875)Tamás Barcsay de Nagybarcsa (1868-1936)[[Bonțida, Cluj|Bonțida]], [[Cluj County|Cluj County]], [[Romania|Romania]]
Joseph Chamberlain (1796-1874)Joseph Chamberlain (1752-1837)Martha Statham Strutt (1762-1824)Caroline Harben (1808-1875)St Olave's Church, Hart Street, [[London|London]], [[Greater London|Greater London]], [[England|England]], [[United Kingdom|United Kingdom]]
Elizabeth Cherrington (1846-1887)John Cherrington (1821-1908)Sarah Pennington (1823-1900)John Francis Berry (1832-1915)[[Salt Lake City|Salt Lake City]], [[Utah|Utah]], [[United States|United States]]
George David Varner Davis (1823-1870)William Black Davis (1795-1883)Sarah McKee (1799-1888)Caroline Frances Angell (1825-1908)[[Providence, Rhode Island|Providence]], [[Providence County, Rhode Island|Providence County]], [[Rhode Island|Rhode Island]]
Sarah Dewis (1760-)Samuel Broadaway (c1758-)[[Bedworth, Warwickshire|Bedworth]], [[Warwickshire|Warwickshire]], [[England|England]], [[United Kingdom|United Kingdom]]
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