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 FatherMotherJoined with-g1Wedding1 place
Louis VIII Capet (1187-1226)Philip II of France (1165-1223)Isabelle de Hainaut (1170-1190)Blanca of Castile (1188-1252)
Henry Cecil, 1st Marquess of Exeter (1754-1804)Thomas Chambers Cecil (c1728-1778)Charlotte Garnier (-)Emma Vernon (-)
William Benjamin Chaffey (1856-1926)George Chaffey (1818-1884)Anne Maria Leggo (1823-1903)Harriet Schell (1854-1889)[[Ingersoll, Ontario|Ingersoll]], [[Oxford County, Ontario|Oxford County]], [[Ontario|Ontario]], [[Canada|Canada]]
Melvina Chesnut (1883-1959)Henry Chesnut (1830-1911)Anna Eliza Berry (1865-1928)John Alexander Morrill (1879-1942)[[Circleville, Utah|Circleville]], [[Piute County, Utah|Piute County]], [[Utah|Utah]], [[United States|United States]]
George Child-Villiers, 5th Earl of Jersey (1773-1859)George Bussy Villiers, 4th Earl of Jersey (1735-1805)Frances Twysden (1753-1821)Sarah Sophia Fane (1785-1867)
Robert Davison (1831-1902)Robert Davidson (1806-1843)Martha Blackman (1813-1901)Harriet Rosina Chapman (1837-1872)Holy Trinity, [[Kelso, New South Wales|Kelso]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Levi Doty (1848-)Jesse J. Doty (1818-1889)Mary Ridenour (1821-)Maria Gear (c1848-)
Alice Elizabeth Drain (1875-1959)Robert Drain (1830-1900)Mary Ann Jane Carruthers (1843-1912)Henry Thomas Painter (1867-1944)[[Burraga, New South Wales|Burraga]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Hannah Dunham (1670-1748)Daniel Dunham (1639-1677)Mehitable Hayward (1652-1677)Joseph Alden (1668-1747)[[Bridgewater, Massachusetts|Bridgewater]], [[Plymouth County, Massachusetts|Plymouth County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]]
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