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 FatherMotherAge at death
Thomas Burnett, 1st Bt of Leys (c1590-1653)Alexander Burnett of Leys (c1574-1619)Katharine Gordon of Lesmoir (c1570-c1620)63
Jacob Fleet Burris (1848-1911)Hampton Burris (1809-1892)Mary Magee (1820-1857)63
Byram Lee Bybee (1799-1864)John Bybee (1766-1819)Elizabeth Kelley (1770-1819)
Eudes II de Bourgogne (1118-1162)Hugues II de Bourgogne (c1085-1143)Mathilde de Mayenne (1092-1162)44
Elizabeth Cabot Cary (1822-1907)Thomas Graves Cary (1791-1859)Mary Ann Cushing Perkins (1798-1880)85
Harland Charles Chaffee (1877-1965)Leonard Almon Chaffee (1834-1881)Almira L Smith (1847-1940)88
Montagu Lowther Chapman (1808-1853)Thomas Chapman (1756-1837)Margaret Anne Fetherstone (1788-1871)56
Job Clevenger (1749-1772)Thomas Clevenger (1722-1772)Mary Platt (1722-1800)
Chauncey Harvey Cook (1843-1923)John Solomon Fullmer (1807-1883)Olive Amanda Smith (1825-1885)80
Margaret Crawford (1822-1905)Alexander Crawford (1799-1862)Mary McLarty (1800-1884)83
Olive Mary Hannah Crouch (1877-1926)Samuel Burton Crouch (1852-1920)Harriett Bourne (1852-1925)49
Sophronia Curtis (1810-1850)Nahum B Curtis (1784-1846)Millicent Waite (1787-1838)40
Harriett Mary Daniel (1877-1964)Francis Daniel (1841-1930)Ann Sullivan (1848-1913)87
Mary Davis (1663-1748)Simon Davis (1636-1713)Mary Blood (1640-1710)
George Davison (1835-1873)Robert Davidson (1806-1843)Martha Blackman (1813-1901)38
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